Monday, July 2, 2012

Old Liberal Archbishop of Tyrnau Dismissed

Edit: some good news along with the bad.

From the clear blue sky:  no one knew what he brought to the dignity of his office.   But apparently money was involved.
Cathedral of Tyrnau

(  Pope Benedict XVI has dismissed Archbishop Robert Bezak (52) from Tyrnau in Slovakia.

The Archbishop was appointed in February 2009 to his office.

The 66,000 population city of Tyrnau lays in western Slovakia -- north east of the capital of Bratislava.

The Vatican demanded that Msgr Bezak vacate his office and leave the Archdiocese.

Announcement at Sunday Mass

Officially, there is no reason for the dismissal of the Archbishop.

Yesterday, Msgr Bezak read a letter in the Cathedral of Tyrnau, in which he announced the Vatican's dismissal.

He also had received a letter from the Nuncio in Slovakia, Archbishop Mario Giordana.  In that the Nuncio demanded his resignation.

Many Questionable Signs

Msgr Bezak claimed to the faithful not to know why he was being dismissed.

The Vatican had asked him not to talk to the media bosses.

The letter from the Vatican speaks of "serious complaints".

A speaker from the Slovakian Bishops Conference refused to give a statement.

Darling of the Media

Msgr Bezak suspected that a reason for his dismissal was his criticism of his predecessor, Archbishop Jan Sokol (78).

Msgr Sokol was, because of his courageous defense of Catholic behavior, very much hated by the media bosses.

The naming of Msgr Bezak was greeted, on the other hand, by the media bosses with jubilation.

Earlier Complaints Against His Predecessor

Msgr Bezak entered the Redemptorists in 1979.

He was ordained a priest in 1984.

Pope Benedict XVI named him as Archbishop of Tyrnau on the 18th of February 2009.

At the beginning of March the newly appointed Bishop had criticized the previous management of the Archdiocese for financial irregularities to the Vatican.

Msgr. Sokol and his Financial Director challenged the charge.

The Resistance Formed

In February of 2012 the Vatican ordered a visitation.

The object of the investigation was the "management of ecclesiastical goods" as well as "personnel matters".

The evidence was not then published.

The administrator of the Archdiocese is the present General Vicar, Auxiliary Bishop Jan Oorosch.

This evening, supporters of the Archbishop are going to stage a protest march in the city center of Tyrnau.

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Michaela Klimanova said...

There are thousands of people in Slovakia showing their love and support to Mons. Bezak. It does not matter if they are catholics or not.
Journalists, actors, politics, artists show their support in all media such as television, radio, press, social nets, different web pages. There are two petitions on internet signed until now by more then 4500 people.

Those petition are asking Mons. ICDr. Stanislav Zvolenský, PhD, Chairperson of Bishops Conference in Slovakia and Mons. Mario Giordana, Pope Nuncius in Slovakia for explanation of this step.

Slovakia is small country and we all somehow see to each other kitchen. People in this country have clear idea, that Mons. Bezak have to pay to darkness coming from communist past of this country.

There is hundreds of support comments in many pages. Some web pages changed their colour to black

this is how slovak people expressed their gratitude to Mons. Robert Bezak today :

We all know Mons Robert Bezak as a honest and humble man. We all stand in silent wonder ... is this possible in 2012 ?

Anonymous said...

But there are some supporters of Vatican too:) Vatican did a great job. Ex-archbishop was loved mostly by liberal media - well since there are no non-liberal he was loved by them all.

He seemed to be a typical libbishop - something quite normal in western Europe today. He liked to play music with a folk group directly in cathedral. He liked to put some teddy bears on altar. And openly on TV said sharespearean question Well, what is that hell? And he was more than happy to be a wittness against his precedesor. And when he was asked not to communitate with a media he played an innocent victim during mass /with local TV camera in front rows/.

Yes and his supporters - "biggest thing" is a letter signed by three member of parliament - 2 are ex members of christian party /read catholic/, one is acually still member other 80% percent of famous signatures came from jews, atheis, exchristians.

Well done Vatican!

PS.: Like a young Slovak I hope my country will be spared from wolfs or sweet, sweet candy sellers on position of bishops like it happened in Ireland, France, Germany or Austria. Please do not give them power to destroy Catholic Church!

Tancred said...

Indeed, how often does it happened that hardened sinners, divorced and remarried athletes, Jewish apostates and Communists suddenly become experts on the Catholic religion and find themselves cited as infallible authorities in the modern press?

Anonymous said...

Yes love to "save" Church. I checked journalist who wrote in support of exarchbishop - one months ago they were in support of Gay parade in our capital. What a joke!

For everybody. Behoooold EX-archbishop Bezak singing in cathedral.

Dan said...

Good. Now can Benedict get rid of the miserable Wuerl?

I wont hold my breath, of course.