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Traditionalist Group Spreads Catholic Faith in Moscow

Summorum Pontificum

A German Cleans up Moscow

Even in the capital city of Russia the little plants of the Old Mass are showing themselves to a greater and more powerful tree. --

(  Since January 2011 there has been a website ''.

In the sign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The web title page is published by the "Society of the Most Precious Heart of Jesus".

The society was founded in 2010 on All Hallows by Moscow Catholics.

Huber was born in the 30,000 population city Buhl -- about 10km south west of Baden-Baden in the immediate vicinity of the Elsace border.

For 10 years he has lived and worked in Moscow.

Destructive and sinful

"It wasn't until 2008 that I visited Holy Mass in the ancient Roman Rite for the first time in Moscow."

For him it is clear, "that this Liturgy is the complete unabridged Catholic Faith celebrated to the honor of God".

At the same time he was surprised that this Liturgy has been so significantly criticized in the Catholic Church:

"That appears to me completely senseless -- even destructive and sinful".

Maintain Permanently

The founding of the "Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus" was for Huber a consequential step back to Tradition:

"We experience much joy and gratitude in this work for the Catholic Faith."

Huber's society would like to organize and permanently maintain the worthy celebration of the Old Mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Moscow.

Additionally they promote the spiritual lives of members through Eucharistic adoration, the Holy Office, the ember days, the Rosary and spiritual exercises.

The Society is also taking pains to promote the Old Mass in all Russian regions.

Invitation to Priests

Huber invites priests, who celebrate the Old Mass, to celebrate it in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.

The Old Mass will be celebrated there every Sunday at 5pm in the large chapel of the Cathedral.

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