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Vatican Consistory: A Conservative German Jesuit is in Good Health and a Cardinal?

Edit: The government subsidized media personalities like Sylvia Poggioli can barely conceal their venom when they cover these events. There's a lot of talk about the leaks and the apparent power struggle going on beneath the surface.

They don't mention who seems to be winning, however. Take note as to the German Jesuit we told you about a few weeks ago who was supposedly too infirm to be present. As you can see, Father Karl Becker SJ was present, one of the most conservative figures in the Vatican today.

Among the Cardinals is Berlin's Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki and Cologne's Jesuit Karl Josef Becker.  Canonization of Anna Schäffer.

Vatican City ( Pope Benedict XVI has introduced 22 personalities of the Catholic Church into the Cardinal College this Saturday afternoon in St. Peter's Basilica with a Solemn Consistory. Among them is Berlin Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki (55) and Cologne's Jesuit Karl Josef Becker (83).

In conclusion of the Consistorium the announcement of the Cardinals created by Poppe Benedict, the Canonization of seven Saints on 21st of October 2012. Among the new Saints is the Mindelstette (Diocese of Regensburg) born Anna Schäffer (18. Februar 1882 - 5. Oktober 1925).

Among the new wearers of the purple there are 16 Europeans, four Americans and two Asians. Besides the ten leaders of the Vatican Curial Administration, the Pope created eight Bishops of the important Diocese of New York, Prague, Utrecht, Florence and Hong Kong as well.

One of the purposes of the Cardinals is their participation for a Papal election in Conclave. Only the purple bearers can participate who have still not reached their 80th birthday.

With this the fourth Consistorium in the current Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, the number of Cardinals has been increased to 213, among them 125 are potential electors of the Pope. Among these 67 come from Europe, of which 30 are Italians, as well as 22 from Latin and 15 from North America. Numbered among the >>Senate<< of the Church are eleven Africans, nine Asians and one Australian.

The Consitostium was preceeded on Friday by a Papal convened >>Day of Reflection and Prayer<< of the College of Cardinals. It was held under the theme of the New Evaneglization. Besides that there is the >>Year of Faith<<, which begins on the 11th of October, exactly 50 years after the opening of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

Cardinal Woelki

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