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Swiss Bishop Creates Two Traditional Parishes

Bishop Vitus Huonder
Both Mass centers have existed since the 70s. They are the only blooms on the Diocese of Chur's withering tree.

( Since Monday morning it's official. On the 22nd February, Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur erected two traditional personal parishes.

The Diocese published this information in a broadcast.

The Bishop described the two parishes as "two living centers for pastoral care." The various modern parishes of the Diocese of Church which have been ruined by Old Liberals are without exception, clinically dead.

The Old Mass has Been Celebrated Here for 35 Years

The first traditional personal parish is located at the Immaculata-Marienkapelle in the 1600 population vicinity of Oberarth in central Switzerland.

Oberarth belongs to the 11,000 population community of Arth, fifty kilometers southerly of Zurich.

The Bishop of Church had already allowed the celebration of the Old Mass in the eyar 1977. Since 1999 it has been offered daily.

A Living Community

On Sunday in Oberarth there are two Holy Masses celebrated.

Additionally, there are confession times and spiritual counselling, which are in high demand.

For pastoral activity, there is also Catechism for school children, devotions, baptisms, sick calls, burials, pilgrimages and spiritual exercises.

The new parish is called Maria Immmaculata.

The first Pastor is the Chur Canon Martin Burgi. [He has some say in who the Bishop will be]

First Beginnings in 1971

The second perosnal parish is located in an area of the city of Zurich.

Since 1971 there was an old Mass in Herz Jesus Parish Church in Zurich-Oerlikon celebrated every Sunday evening.

The organizers of the liturgy was the Lay Organization 'Una Voce'. They requested various priests for pastoral services.

Society of St. Peter Takes Over

In April 1998 a pastoral center was taken over by the traditional Society of St. Peter.

Till 2005, workday Masses have been taking place in an improvised chapel in a nearby store.

This place was given up, when the possibility presented itself, to celebrate two workday Masses in the church of St. Josef in Zurich.

No Certain Church

Once in a each month, in the 8,000 population community of Egg -- forty kilometers south of Zurich -- one workday Mass takes place in the old Rite.

Since 2002, the church in the Zurich suburban communities Birmensdorf and Uitikon have been available for the celebration of Holy Week.

The Christmas has been celebrated for several years in the crypt of the Church of St. Gallus in the Zurich-Schwamendingen.

Peter Martin Ramm is the Pastor

The personal parish has been consecrated as St. Maximilan Kolbe. The first Pastor is FSSP Priest Martin Ramm.[Asked for by the Bishop himself]

The location of the new personal parish is in the Zurich suburb of Thalwil.

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter have their branch there.

The "Sects in the Church" are the Old Liberals

The Bishop stressed that it is "an act of righteousness", "that the faithful no longer left in a canonically unclear provisorium.

Msgr Huonder confessed, to "understand well" some of the obstacles against the erection of these personal parishes.

This fear has been cultivated above all by the Old Liberals, who have operated within the Church of Christ for years like a sect.

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