Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fourth Accusation Against Modernist Abbot

Edit: Nothing really seems to stick on these faux Benedictines who've prowled around the Church doing all the damage they can over the last half-century or so. This one himself graduated from being an abuser of children to abusing the Liturgy as Abbot. Abbot Eidenschenk was molesting his Novices in the early seventies, so there is a problem with the leadership of the Monastery which continues to this day.

MINNEAPOLIS — A New York man filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging that he was sexually abused at a Bronx church in the 1960s by a priest who went on to become abbot of a Minnesota monastery and helped found an institute to deal with the problem of clergy sexual abuse.

The federal lawsuit was filed in Minnesota against the Order of St. Benedict and St. John’s Abbey. It alleges that former Abbot Timothy Kelly abused the man when he was an altar boy at St. Anselm’s Church in New York, where Kelly was an associate pastor. The abuse occurred in 1966 and 1967, when the plaintiff was about 15 or 16, according to the lawsuit. Kelly died in October.

Attorney Jeffrey Anderson said the man decided to come forward after reading Kelly’s obituary.


Pine Curtain... And there is still a question as to where Josh Guimond is. He's been missing for almost a decade now, and for some reason the local authorities aren't asking the same hard questions Josh's father has been asking. Questions like, "why was the Abbey incinerator turned on off schedule?" Or why was Josh looking up the statute of limitations for sexual abuse accusations on the college computers before he disappeared?

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JD said...

Collegeville is one of the most twisted backwaters in the Church. Hopefully someday the victims of this sexual predator factory will receive justice.

I'm convinced that ground zero so to speak of much of the modernism in the Church today stems from Collegeville. Just take a look at some of the stuff that comes out of Liturgical Publications. Sadly these guys are taken seriously by those in the Church that don't know any better or look the other way.

One day this evil backwater and haven of pedophiles, perverts and heretics will be exposed and destroyed. St. Johns Abbey really needs to lose it's status as a Catholic institution of any standing.