Wednesday, December 28, 2011

English Court Bans "Anti-Gay" Book

Edit: because of "outrage" from "thousands" of individuals, the book written by a psychologist, Richard A. Cohen, who has cured thousands of people who claim to suffer from a same-sex attraction, has caused an English court to censer his book, "Coming Out Straight, Understanding and Healing Homosexuality."

The Andalusian Federation of Associations LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Peer, said in a statement that the book "Understanding and healing homosexuality", the American psychotherapist Richard Cohen, for whom homosexuality is an "attraction disorder" and a "mood disorder" has been removed from virtual library of English Court. However, the company has clarified that the book can still be ordered in bookstores and on its website. LibrosLibres has taken the decision to publish an edition of the work.

Original story in Spanish...
The same author consents to do an interview with Rachel Madow who freaks out in interview with the Psychologist, making much of the fact that a Uganda government official used his book to justify legislation making sodomy a capital crime. What she resents, and others like her, is the supposition that homosexuality can be chosen, and that with therapy, that those desires can be redirected. It doesn't matter to her that the author is conciliatory or even conceding false premises that is used to justify the behavior.

Moreover, he's had his credentials attacked because of his views, and Rachel Madow uses the obviously ideological revocation to discredit him during the interview.

One thing should be clear from this, is that you can have your professional life destroyed for committing thought crimes. Madow is clearly misrepresenting the man's work. We might also point out that it doesn't matter if you offer concessions to these people, they want to destroy you unless you offer unhesitating and unqualified adulation for what they do.

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