Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modernist Monastery to Sever Ties with its Lay-run "University"

Edit: Wow, the Modernist Monastery is being chopped off from the University. Is this like Parliament stripping the King of his power to levy taxes?

But just maybe it's a move to indemnify the University from the risk represented by the coterie of homosexual predators roaming the campus without restriction? Clever.

The board, which is made up of a rogues' gallery of people who appear to have no more qualifications to say what goes on at a Catholic University than their state sanctioned credentials will allow, are now conspiring to complete that fatal schism in the relationship, which is really a formality after all. This just acknowledges a de facto reality that the school has almost nothing but the most superficial cosmetic resemblance to a Benedictine University. After this goes through, Catholic education will be all but dead in Minnesota. One of the board members is the acclaimed Old Liberal author, Kathleen Norris who writes popular religious fiction.

Regents endorse plan to split SJU from abbey
“The university will remain as a major educational and pastoral work of the abbey, and the monks of St. John’s will remain a vital part of the university.”

Regents endorse plan to split SJU from abbey

The St. John’s University Board of Regents today endorsed a plan that would create a new civil corporation that splits the university off from St. John’s Abbey, St. John’s Preparatory School and the Liturgical Press.

The Prep School and Liturgical Press will remain operating divisions of the existing St. John’s Abbey corporation when the new university civil corporation becomes effective July 1. The corporate board of directors of St. John’s Abbey authorized the creation of the new civil corporation in early September.
That came after five years of work toward a “reconfigured governance and management structure for the university,” according to a joint statement from Abbot John Klassen and St. John’s University President Robert Koopmann.

“The goals were to enhance governance authority for the university, reduce organizational complexity, and to strengthen the relationship between the abbey and university into the future,” [And to further aid in the disintegration of any juridical structures which might allow for the Monastery to promote Catholicism if it ever were to reform itself.]  the statement said.

Many enterprises, including most Catholic colleges and universities sponsored by religious orders, have created independent corporations to fulfill their missions, according to the statement. The creation of a university corporation “broadens the involvement for securing the future” of St. John’s and “maintaining and strengthening its Catholic and Benedictine character,” according to the statement.

The missions of the abbey and university corporations will not change, [Still committed to making sure students don't know Catholic teaching or morality before their graduate.] Koopmann and Klassen said in the statement.

“The university will remain as a major educational and pastoral work of the abbey, and the monks of St. John’s will remain a vital part of the university.”

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Anonymous said...

This is all so true...

You should investigate and write about what happened at St. John's Prep three years ago this month...the best teachers fired (16), and the horrific embracing of the globalist, anti-Christian IB program. An utter shame...with every day that ticks, St. John's, St. Ben's and St. John's Prep School are less Catholic.

Tancred said...

As far as we know, Collegeville has been bad since the 20s. It would be surprising indeed if there were some kind of conservative revival taking place there in the last five years.

We would be happy to be contradicted, however, but St. John's has always been a Marxist haunt famous for disobedience to the hierarchy for living memory.