Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Archbishop Nienstedt Takes on the Lavender Mob

Edit: He's trying too hard to placate people who don't really care how he sugar coats it. There are many illegal and dangerous activities you have no right to do and pointing out the destructive consequences of this legislation aimed at the family is what needs to be ingrained in people's minds.


Church defends reality for the common good

Contrary to the Star Tribune's editorial opinion ("On gay marriage, the state is out of step," Oct. 1), the Catholic Church, along with other Bible-based denominations, does not seek to impose its own beliefs on others as it upholds the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), or when it supports a constitutional amendment on marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

The reality we are defending predates any religion or government.

It finds its logic in the complementarity of the human anatomy, as well as the male/female psyche and in the propagation of the human species.

Marriage unites a man and a woman in a unique bond so that they might form the proper context of a family in which children can grow and flourish. Government is called upon to protect that context for the sake of the common good.

Yes, the Bible reveals to believers God's plan that a man and a woman become "one flesh" in holy matrimony, and that makes our understanding of what marriage is meant to be more comprehensible.

But human reason without faith can and, in fact, historically has come to the same conclusion based on the intrinsic complementarity of husband and wife.

Moreover, to say that marriage can be one thing for believers and something else for nonbelievers implies that the truth about the human person can be manipulated at will. That line of thinking is basically flawed.

No, there can only be one truth about the human person, and marriage finds its real meaning in that understanding.

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Rick DeLano said...

Bravo Your Grace! Please be very sure to check very carefully into what all of your vicars have been up to lately........