Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goofy Minnesota Priest Attacks Archbishop Nienstedt

Edit: this priest is now attacking his Bishop, as the Bishop attempts to restore a sense of moral order by educating his flock in time for a voting referendum on Proposition 8, which will likely be yet another nail in the coffin of the West.  Archbishop Nienstedt is asking all parishes to organize to support marriage in Minnesota in the light of this vote. We might point out that such votes are likely to be overturned by the imperial socialists on the bench, but at least people are being told that there's something wrong.

The Diocese relieved Tegeder of his parish and sent him to a fake Indian spirituality center called Blessed Kateri Gichitwaa where the Mass there, if it really is a Mass, was at least formerly full of abuses and probable sacrileges. He's also an associate at another troubled parish, St. Francis Cabrini. Despite Archbishop Ninstedt addressing the problem, it's not very likely that it's stopped. We were also informed that this parish would be phased out in the "reorganization" that was overseen by the Pastor of the Lavender Basilica, John Bauer.

This priest doesn't just destroy the Faith or insult his employer, Father Tegeder left his parish of St. Edward's in a financial shambles as well. The man is completely irresponsible and has no business running a hat boutique much less a Catholic parish.

It's a good thing for him he's only attacking the mission statement of the company he works for and not defending the Catholic Faith, or worse yet, offering the Mass of all Ages.

This dissident was educated at the Modernist Monastery [St. John's Abbey] by the by.

[Twin Cities] At least one pastor, Rev. Mike Tegeder of both St. Frances Cabrini and Gichitwaa Kateri churches in Minneapolis, called the effort “imprudent” and “divisive.”

Religion and politics expert John Green said he’s never heard of U.S. Catholic leaders encouraging clergy to form special committees at churches to mobilize Catholics to vote on particular issues.

The strategy mirrors a similar one used by conservative Christians in California to pass Proposition 8 and end marriage rights for same-sex couples.

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Anonymous said...

That's your bigotted non-missionary-minded opinion. Watch the movies "Black Robes" and "The Mission"; work with Indian people as a missionary on a Reservation; and walk a mile in their shoes as they are in need as we all are to be remembered and be reciepients of the Corporal Works of Mercy. Then tell me that you don't see Christ's face and a love for our Lord. It's Catholic Christians and those of other denominations like you that cause division only to that lose more people from our Churches because of the meanness and chastizing of people like you. Remember, everyone has a place in the Church, Jesus dined with whores and thieves. He healed the lowest of the lows. He never judged. He Loved. And until you have read and live to the true meaning of the documents that are on file at the Diocesean Office that quotes encyclical by The Great JPII (Redemptoris Missio) and other Leaders of Mother Church, you are ignorant as to what goes on at these parishes. Remember what St. Francis said, "Preach the Gospel. Use words when necessary." The Ministry of these Churches are relational. By your comments, I would gather you probably never set foot for a lont-term commitment in minitry or missions work. May God Help Us All. And I pray that we are lead by Jesus' Sacred Heart of Compassion and not the forked tongues of Pharisees.

Tancred said...

Why are you being intolerant of Pharisees?

Are you an anti-Semite?