Friday, September 9, 2011

German Government's Pretexts Against Opus Dei Boy's School Struck Down

Brandenburger enemies of the Church can't oppose an Opus Dei School any longer with false pretexts.

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( No luck for the enemies of the Church, those Brandenburger Comrades.

For years they've tried to sabotage the establishment of a Catholic boys preparatory school in Potsdam.

Potsdam is the capital of the Land of Brandenburg.

The president of the Land is the SPD-Comrade, Matthias Platzeck. He rules together with the people, democracy and church hating SED follower party 'Die Linke' [The Left].

Constitutions Stronger than Comrades?

According to a report from the news agency AFP the Constitutional Law has possibly overrule the Comrades against freedom.

Yesterday, the Educational Ministry of Brandenburg was overruled by the Supreme Court of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Education Minister for the Land is the seven time mother, Comrade Martina Münch (49).

Madame Comrade's ministry had fought against the judgment, whereby the application for the license for a boy's school was recently approved.

A parent's initiative which desires the school and is close to Opus Dei, had complained against a decision by the Comrades which denied a building permit.

Now the Ministry Will Need a New Excuse

The Education Ministry denied the application for licensing with a pretext, that a pure school for children can not allegedly substitute for a public school.

Laws related to education in Brandenburg assume that boys and girls are to be educated together.

Actually, the Supreme Court has come to another conclusion.

A boy's preparatory school [Jungengymnasium] is, according to the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of private schools able to be licensed even in the Land of Brandenburg.

Coeducation is not one of the principles governing school buildings.

It is also neither obvious nor assured that raising and educating boys or girls separately will not adversely effect equal opportunities or equal treatment.

If this principle of the proposed school concept is to be ruled against, is up to the Ministry to make a new motion.

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