Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catholic Snooze Media and Old Liberal Bishop Go After Another Conservative Priest

Bishop "Conversation"

Edit: oh yeah, these conservative celebrity priests should be made to pay the legal bill and help subsidize that failed and heavily government subsidized Liberal ecclesiology.    It's not bad enough that these Bishops want your tax money to be paid to their "charity" boondoggles, campaigning for Democratic Party or Socialist agendas and their CINO Universities, but they want the funds you may have been sending to more worthy Catholic causes too; whether that's EWTN, or what have you, that are more or less not completely under their collectivist thumbs.  Check out Bishop Zurrek's underwhelming "Cathedral. "
 Remember how you have those wonderful quartz rocks that are ugly on the outside but fabulous and beautiful on the inside?  This Cathedral isn't one of them.  +Zurek went all out to disedify on this one.  While the Bishop is trying to horn in on the incomes of conservative priests.  Who's holding the Bishop accountable?

Church in the Round with Altar-Nave.

Not surprising.  It's  sickening to watch while the Judases line up to stand in the gauntlet, eager to deal out lashes and buffets where they can, as if they're following a script somewhere. Watch the feeding frenzy begin, like at the Cankerous.

On the other hand, other people have been trying to call these Bishops to accountability and transparency with respect to the preachment of the Catholic Faith for years.

Interestingly, it's the incompetence and gross malfeasance of many Bishops in the United States that people like Frank Pavone exist.  Many people are justifiably reluctant to give their money to the highly subsidized AmChurch with its global warming awareness, support for Socialism and promotion of homosexuality.

Now these Bishops are eager to dip into the till.  Feast your eyes as the specious Catholics of the faux Catholisphere crow about obedience, being docile to the word of God and all that.

As usual, these Liberal prelates have no right to expect obedience when they themselves are disobedient.

Here's Father's official statement at Lifesite:

I am very perplexed by this demand. Despite that, because I am a priest of the diocese of Amarillo, I will be obedient and report there on the appointed date, putting the other commitments that are on my calendar on hold until I get more clarity as to what the bishop wants and for how long. Meanwhile, I continue to retain all my priestly faculties and continue to be a priest in "good standing" in the Church. [You and Father Roy Borgeois and the brothers Barrigan or the Cardinal on the Danube for example, so you're in good company.] The bishop does not dispute this fact. Rather, he has said that he thinks I am giving too much priority to my pro-life work, and that this makes me disobedient to him. He also has claimed that I haven't given him enough financial information.

Now, although Bishop Zurek is my Ordinary, he is not the bishop of Priests for Life. Each of our staff priests has his own Ordinary, and the organization has an entire Board of Bishops. We keep them all informed of our activities, and of our financial audits.

Here's the story from the Catholic Snooze Service:

Father Pavone (CNS file)
By Dennis Sadowski
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Father Frank Pavone, one of the country's most visible and vocal opponents of abortion, has been suspended from active ministry outside the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, over financial questions about his operation of Priests for Life.

The suspension was made public in a Sept. 9 letter from Amarillo Bishop Patrick J. Zurek to his fellow bishops across the country, but Father Pavone told Catholic News Service that he was returning to Amarillo and planned to continue functioning as a priest there.

"My decision is the result of deep concerns regarding his stewardship of the finances of the Priests for Life (PFL) organization," Bishop Zurek wrote. "The PFL has become a business that is quite lucrative which provides Father Pavone with financial independence from all legitimate ecclesiastical oversight."

Link to CNS...

Here are some pictures and music to give you some feel for what kind of man Bishop Zurrah is.  His vestments, pectoral cross and Liturgical postures demonstrates a definite Gather influence which is always a bad sign:

Photos stolen from Liturgical Pimpernel.


Marcygoosie said...

I have read the statement of Bishop Zurek's statement and Father Pavone's. If he has all these bishops on his board and they believe everything is kosher, what's with Bishop Zurek? Something just doesn't sit quite right with me. Someone isn't telling the whole truth here and my guess is that it is the bishop.. After hearing how Father Corapi's investigation was handled and then finding out his order, SOLT, was sued for 1.96 million dollars by a teen who was raped by one of their priest, I say follow the money trail.
Father Pavone's Mass and homily on EWTN today (9-13) was beautiful, powerful and it was on the clergy and the qualifications of a good priest and bishop. He said, "When a priest plays cut and paste with the gospel he practices clerical contraception"- Keep preaching the truth Father!We have all heard the lovey warm and fuzzy sermons for too long. They won't get us to wake up to the truth. God bless Father Pavone for the work he does, May he bring about a swift resolution to this mess!
PS That is the ugliest cathedral I have ever seen! If it weren't for the crucifix, I'd think it was a big non denominational church!

servo said...

That cathedral looks like a hunk of spam after it slips out of the can.

Forward Boldly said...

The whole thing is infuriating.

Tancred said...

It is tiresome the way that men who have no idea what obedience is insist on others not following their lead.

Anonymous said...

First of all, those "fiddleback" vestments worn by the bishop are Tridentine baroque vestments of the sort favored by pre-Vatican II traditionalists (rather ugly in my opinion, but for some reason the SSPX people prefer them to the ancient gothic style). Obviously, you do not know the history or symbolism of ecclesiastical vestments. Secondly, your criticism of the bishop's action against Father Pavone are exactly how you defended "Father" Corapi against his bishop and religious superior until the truth came out. Where is Corapi now? And now that he has vanished, has any one of his militant defenders apologized to those who rightly exposed his fraudulence?

September 14, 2011 11:10 PM

Tancred said...

I know what Modern Vestments are, and these are a particularly ugly exemplar, but you're so eager to score a point, you don't care about accuracy any more than you do relevance, truth or even justice.

Oh? A Liberal Bishop runs Father Corapi down just like another Liberal Bishop runs Father Pavone down?

Let's see how Father Pavone takes it when he's still on indefinite suspension a year from now.

Tancred said...

I'm still dying for this "proof" that's supposed to have surfaced about Father Corapi.

servo said...

I don't remember any brave crusaders for truth and justice exposing the 'truth' about anybody. All I saw were a bunch of sorry internet gossips wagging their tongues.

Anonymous said...

Free Fr. Frank let's support him all the way http://www.freefrfrank.com

Anonymous said...

Father Pavone's pro-life outreach receives about 10 million a year in donations from Catholics. The Amarillo Diocese pulls in about 3.5 million. I was saddened to read the statement by the Amarillo Vicar of priests, representing the bishop, who said that the money 'Belongs to the church'. It shouldn't! Because some bishops love to throw money at their social justice causes like illegal immigration. Catholics who donated these monies are heroic defenders of the pre-born & it would be stealing if those funds to be used for any other purpose.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tancred said...

Take your smear campaign somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Please explain your reason for calling these early 20th century baroque vestments"modern" - when they were recovered from the treasury of traditional vestments which are part of the patrimony of old Catholic gifts to the new Republic of Texas in the 19th century yet to be incorporated into the United States and which you nevertheless call "modern.".
And as far as "smears" concerning the witnesses against Corapi, do recognize that you claimed that you had not received adequate attestation against Corapi. In reply (and hardly as a smear) you were sent the official notarized canonical case against Corapi by the Superior of his order SOLT de jure et sub testatione, and also the legal deposition of his official executive assistance exposing his malfeasance. How will you respond. assuming you have not succumbed to a consumption of Kool Aid? To call these affidavits a "smear" is to impugn the Holy See which has gratefully received them "cum permissione ordinidis."

Tancred said...

The Roman vestments are also called modern.

As for the rest of your accusations, they don't really belong here, do they?

Just because you wrap a piece of excrement in legal parchment and incense, doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

This entire page is a laughable colection of idiot's non-sense! Father Frank Pavone is no longer above the rules of the church and his exposure was necessary and appropriate. Not surprising to see his blinded followers incensed over a dose of reality!

And secondly, the "Cathedral" shown above, is a beautiful building - unless your head is stuck so far in the past you cannot appreciate any new approach. I'm guessing that would be in buildings and in liturgy. I'm sure you don't appreciate our new Pope Francis either - and certainly will not approve of things to come.

To the writer of this blog, and your cohorts -crawl back under you rock and let the Holy Spirit lead!

Tancred said...

You sound paranoid, and possibly delusional. The targeting and systematic professional destruction of conservative clergy by less than Catholic bureaucrats is a fact of life.

And you know that the Holy Spirit is behind all that too, wow.

Anonymous said...

You need to spin off and go your own way - the Catholic Church is a living changing organization guided by the Holy Spirit and you are no longer part of it. You are stuck in the past - endeared and in love with "the way things were" and convinced that as it was in 1950 is how it should always be.

The world and the church are moving forward - leaving you to wallow in your own fears.

Tancred said...

On the contrary, you’re the one who’s stuck in 1968.

Anonymous said...

1968? ...years before my time.

I'm into Pope Francis, 2013 and beyond, I'll follow whereever the Holy Spirit leads my Church.

Tancred said...

That's nice, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Caught this page on a search.

Interesting to say the least!

You Pavoners are a little archaic in you thinking - he is damaged goods, forget him.