Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catholic Vultures Circling and Waiting for a Meal

One articulate poster suggested that there was a monetary scheme behind the orchestration in this Kangaroo Court of Soviet Blogpinion in its attack on Father Corapi. Not surprisingly, the Anglespleen forum, self-righteous as always, loves to attack people, innocent people, dead people who can't defend themselves and so on, but in fact, most of the posters there are brutalized moral insects who try to savage people's reputations just for fun. How do others live with themselves, despite the high opinion they have of themselves, chattering like Harper Valley volunteers over the fence? It doesn't matter that Bishop Gracida stepped in to defend Father Corapi. Unmoved, the voracious army of blogtacular incendiaries moved on, irrespective of details, good sense and love. Is it all about the Benjamins? I was just following orders, eh?

It seemed like a good idea to formulate an enemies list:

It was the Eighties, I did what I had to do, you know, at least I'm not the Cankeress.

As bad as that was, at least I didn't abandon all good sense like Mark Sashay did and defend Cardinal Schonborn.

Then there are priest bloggers too. I know, let's make that good old appeal to people's egalitarianism and attempt to shame his defenders by accusing them of being the subject of a "cult of personality"? What's that all about and the Herpetologist of County Claire

Let us not forget the Deacon's Stench.

This list isn't finished. It will probably include Patrick Madrid, but hey, he's no big whoop.

Before you get indignant as you make off with your pieces of silver, or the sense of righteousness you feel at kicking someone around who you think is inferior to you, think about the cost of priests being falsely accused and what happens to them. Carol McKinley seems to be the only one who's thinking about that.

Photo from, here, Vulture executed because of Zionist influences.

Editor: 9:48 GMT.  22.6.11    We've decided to add some new blogs to the list.

Trade unionist blog with what look like Eric Gill fonts and illustrations, caelum et terrae.

An old lady blog that looks like some Reform of the Reform thing, here at te deum.

And last but not least, the hugely sissy, Crabey Toads blog.

Editor 00:43 GMT 22.6.11  Let us not forget, Jimmy McFakin


chiapet said...

I'm kinda POed at the whole blog/forum thing these days. Just a huge peanut gallery-lynch mob of billions. Every now and then there's an OK site like this, but for every one of em, there's hundreds that are full of crap.

It depresses and angers me to see the idiocy in comboxes any more. People that don't know a damn thing spouting their opinions like they meant something.

Tancred said...

Being a priest has its privileges, but high expectations as well as the possibility to be victimized by the people you're trying to help, and especially the people who are in charge who seem to possess the ability to get "bloggers" support their agendas.

One commenter over on Tenth Crusade made a very accurate remark that there are a lot of people out there expecting Father not to defend himself as if it were some kind of a virtue.

When Christ was being tried in the temple and struck by one of the guards, He turned to his attacker and asked him why he struck Him.

Anonymous said...

Tancred, there is no lack of useful idiots. I, too, marvel at how these "bloggers" get people to support them. It is depressing to think that so few have the ability to think for themselves and deem it more important to be on what appears to be the "popular side".

By the way, you left one off your list.

Tancred said...

Who, us?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! No. That's a given.

You left off the Fakin' Man.

Tancred said...

How could he be forgotten? The Red-headed steppe beast of apologeticdom.

chiapet said...

Scanned through some of these sites. Most seem to be what they used to call the 'St. Blogs' types. Yuck. Those people get under my skin regardless of the subject.

I can be a pretty mean guy, but at least I try to control myself at times. They're stupid to go running around, publicly speculating about stuff like this. Buncha gossiping old women.

Those blog clowns talk a lot, but don't know any more than I do. They gotta have their opinion and spout it all over, like their input meant something.

Anonymous said...

He's bad news, Tancred, really bad news. I don't know how you missed him!

For years I have been praying that he mend his ways before Our Lord sets to doing it Himself. If Our Lord arranges a lesson in humility for McFakin, it won't be pretty.


Diane Korzeniewski said...

Hey Tancred - "Old Lady" here...

My regrets that I didn't get here sooner, but it's hard to move too fast with a walker.

Just a question for you....

We would probably agree that, with regards to the accusations made against him, we should presume Fr. Corapi's innocence, right?

I'm assuming that you also presume innocence on the part of the other parties in this case, right? In other words, you are not making any kind of presumption that Bp Mulvey, the SOLT superiors, or even the accuser committed some kind of moral or ethical breach without sufficient evidence (which does not include hearsay on the internet), or are you? That could fall into rash judgment (ccc 2477).

One last thing. If you disagree with something I say, that is ok. It's a free country. But, why not talk about what you disagree with that I said rather than just jib-jabbing in general without specifics.

I'm really interested. I'll keep an open mind to see if you have something to offer that will help me to grow in how I discuss controversial topics.

Disagreeing with what people say is fine, but at least quote something and offer some useful and intelligent analysis of one or more points. Is it violating something in the CCC, or countering something in Scripture, or against some virtue?

It really is easier to just do a drive-by than to take the time to do analysis of what someone else says. It takes time to put thoughtful analysis together.

One more thing. That man you referred to condescendingly as a "herpetologist" is also a priest. Isn't it a little duplicitous to defend one priest by speaking of another with such condescension?

Tancred said...

Just the facts, that's all. Those don't seem to be uppermost in people's minds when it's come to this business, and that includes the Herman Munster of Continuity.

Vultures seems to describe them pretty well.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

The facts? Objective or subjective?

Why did you refer to Bishop Mulvey as "the old liberal bishop" in this post?

If this matter with Fr. Corapi had not transpired, would you have spoken of him that way?

Nice. (1 Cor 13:1)

As an aside, Kneeling Catholic has taken down his post which was the basis of your rant and replaced it with this one about Bishop Mulvey. Perhaps you can update that post about "the old liberal bishop".

There are plenty of orthodox bishops who do not have Corpus Christi processions for reasons known only to them. Since you were an ardent Corapi follower, certainly you heard him preach about ccc 2478

2478 To avoid rash judgment, everyone should be careful to interpret insofar as possible his neighbor's thoughts, words, and deeds in a favorable way:

Every good Christian ought to be more ready to give a favorable interpretation to another's statement than to condemn it. But if he cannot do so, let him ask how the other understands it. And if the latter understands it badly, let the former correct him with love. If that does not suffice, let the Christian try all suitable ways to bring the other to a correct interpretation so that he may be saved.

Now, that applies "in season, and out of season" and it applies to those we love and support, and those we don't particularly like or who hurt us.

Tancred said...

The Bishop's arbitrary and uncanonical treatment of Father Corapi is one very strong indication of his theological status, as is his association with the Focolare Movement and various public statements, as well as Kneeling Catholic's criticism of the Bishop for forbidding kneeling in his Cathedral.

Father Corapi has been engaged in teaching very clear Catholicism, occasionally criticizing disobedient Bishops by name, identifying the cabal of homosexuality.

When you look at the way the firestorm has developed against Father Corapi, and the illegal and arbitrary way in which it was carried out, we enter into familiar territory where conservative priests are often corralled into various legal processes and have their careers destroyed by Old Liberal Bishops like +Mulvey, who are soft on dissent when it comes from liberals and very hard on conservatives whose loyalty to the Magisterium of the Church is interpreted as disobedience by the chattering classes like Mark Shea and the rest who've jumped on the bandwagon to attack Father Corapi like a pack of wild dogs.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

1) The administrative leave came as a result of the SOLT following policies in it's constitution. From what is publicly available, Bp Mulvey merely advised the SOLT to follow those policies in it's consitition and canon law. In my last post on the subject (in the second, embedded YouTube clip), is a 40 minute interview with a canon lawyer who explains this).

With regards to Focolare, I can understand some of the concerns people have. However, since it is a movement approved by the Church, then your real beef seems to be with Rome.

Focolare is not my cup of tea, but I would not be so bold as to publicly condemn something which enjoys Vatican support, most especially support of the Holy Father.

If there is something that concerns you about the movement, it's mission, or activities of members, then you have a right, even a duty to bring this to the attention of Church officials. But when you write you can't simply make a generalized criticism as you have here. You need to send a letter with your name signed (as opposed to hiding behind a pseudonym), and specifics (text from their material, names, dates, and content, for events, etc.).

That's the virtuous path to follow when you have a criticism of a church approved momement.

God bless and prayers.

Tancred said...

One: The administrative leave came as a result of Bishop Mulvey threatening to disseminate a libelous letter to all of the Bishops in the US.

Two: Focolare isn't just a minor problem association in someone's past, it's a present and ongoing problem with both doctrinal and, frankly, some serious problems with its integrity in how it treats its membership. I don't think it tends toward the spiritual or psychological well-being of those who belong to it.

If the Vatican supports it now, it can only do so in a vast departure with what the Vatican has said in the past about a host of issues from religious indifferentism to just plain old misrepresentation and mendacity.

As to "my duty" about Focolare, I'm simply bringing to people's attention the array of literature and articles on the movement. Really, all a Catholics needs to do to steer clear of the organization, and those associated with it, I might say, is to just be a good, sensible, well-catechized adult Christian. Focolare is absolutely opposed to the Christian spirit in its mission statement, its operations and the deeds of its membership, in this case Bishop Mulvey who isn't acting out of character for a Focolarini at all.

Thanks for your input and prayers.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

One: The administrative leave came as a result of Bishop Mulvey threatening to disseminate a libelous letter to all of the Bishops in the US

So, you came to know this as "fact" how?

Were you there?

Seriously. How do you know this?

Back to Focolare: Be sure to send an urgent letter to the Holy See. I am shocked, just absolutey shocked, that the Holy Father does not know that, "Focolare isn't just a minor problem association in someone's past, it's a present and ongoing problem with both doctrinal and, frankly, some serious problems with its integrity in how it treats its membership"

Further, you state: i>Really, all a Catholics needs to do to steer clear of the organization, and those associated with it, I might say, is to just be a good, sensible, well-catechized adult Christian.

Well, I am even more shocked that the Holy Father is not,"a good, sensible, well-catechized adult Christian", since he has publicly supported Focolare.

Look, Tancred, why not send your concerns to the Holy See in a signed letter, written without the emotional, subjective zingers and see what comes back? To denigrate any movement which has the public support of the Holy Father and the Church as demonstrated in links I provided previously, is nothing short of making yourself to be holier and more intelligent than the Church. There is nothing Catholic about that.

There is nothing Catholic about denigrating a bishop in public because of his association with an approved movement in the Church. There is nothing Catholic about presuming that he has committed some moral or ethical breach on the Corapi case, and does not have the ability to look at what is before him with objectivity because of his association with Focolare. These behaviors do not square with the CCC (sections previously cited in my comments in this thread).

If you do not do so already, you might want to consider praying the Liturgy of the Hours, and pay special attention to what is offered in the 2nd reading in the Office of Readings each day. Zeal is good my brother, but it must be tempered with charity.

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