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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catholic Vultures Circling and Waiting for a Meal

One articulate poster suggested that there was a monetary scheme behind the orchestration in this Kangaroo Court of Soviet Blogpinion in its attack on Father Corapi. Not surprisingly, the Anglespleen forum, self-righteous as always, loves to attack people, innocent people, dead people who can't defend themselves and so on, but in fact, most of the posters there are brutalized moral insects who try to savage people's reputations just for fun. How do others live with themselves, despite the high opinion they have of themselves, chattering like Harper Valley volunteers over the fence? It doesn't matter that Bishop Gracida stepped in to defend Father Corapi. Unmoved, the voracious army of blogtacular incendiaries moved on, irrespective of details, good sense and love. Is it all about the Benjamins? I was just following orders, eh?

It seemed like a good idea to formulate an enemies list:

It was the Eighties, I did what I had to do, you know, at least I'm not the Cankeress.

As bad as that was, at least I didn't abandon all good sense like Mark Sashay did and defend Cardinal Schonborn.

Then there are priest bloggers too. I know, let's make that good old appeal to people's egalitarianism and attempt to shame his defenders by accusing them of being the subject of a "cult of personality"? What's that all about and the Herpetologist of County Claire

Let us not forget the Deacon's Stench.

This list isn't finished. It will probably include Patrick Madrid, but hey, he's no big whoop.

Before you get indignant as you make off with your pieces of silver, or the sense of righteousness you feel at kicking someone around who you think is inferior to you, think about the cost of priests being falsely accused and what happens to them. Carol McKinley seems to be the only one who's thinking about that.

Photo from, here, Vulture executed because of Zionist influences.

Editor: 9:48 GMT.  22.6.11    We've decided to add some new blogs to the list.

Trade unionist blog with what look like Eric Gill fonts and illustrations, caelum et terrae.

An old lady blog that looks like some Reform of the Reform thing, here at te deum.

And last but not least, the hugely sissy, Crabey Toads blog.

Editor 00:43 GMT 22.6.11  Let us not forget, Jimmy McFakin