Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bishop of Chur Being Lured into a Trap

Editor: its hard to imagine a liberal Diocesan paper surviving long after it attacked its Bishop, but so far so good.

An Old Liberal Church paper in the Diocese of Chur has frontally attacked the Diocesan Bishop. The good man has defended himself.

(kreuz.net) The press speaker of the Diocese of Chur is defending against allegations by the ‘Pfarreiblatts Urschweiz’.

The ‘Pfarreiblatts’ [Pastor's Paper] appears in the central Swiss area of the Diocese Chur in a mini-edition of about 17.000 copies.

It reported in its most recent edition about a privately organized celebration on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the installation of the Pastoral Consultants of the Diocese of Chur.

Despite their high spirits and the kindergarten freshness of their work, the Pastoral Consultants in Church and those associated with it are quickly becoming increasingly antagonistic to the Church.

The article insituated that the Bishop has been "aloof" to the occasion.

Reason: Msgr Huonder is said to have not participated, rather only appeared at the end of a planned "Vespers".

The Slander Takes Flight

The press speaker categorically declined to mention this portrayal in his response.

The event had been planned without the participation of the Bishop.

As he learned of it, he had made expressed his desire to participate in it.

The forty year old -- supposed--- "engagement of the laity" is valuable to him -- explained the press secretary.

Msgr Huonder would have gladly shown that with his wholehearted participation.

Actually the Senior Pastor received a rebuff: the organizers advised the Bishop not to be present for the entire day, because it is after all a, "celebration of laity".

The Bishop exceeded to the wishes of the self-important lay commanders.

Unlucky General Vicar

The General Vicar of the Diocese of Church tried his luck in any case.

He received an invitation and responded.

Actually the organizers recommended that he, with the Bishop to come "toward end of the event".

The General Vicar obeyed.

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