Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ukrainian President Affirms the Resurrection for His Fatherland

Editor: The President of Ukraine wishes his people a Holy Easter and affirms the central tenet of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead as He said.

President's Easter greetings to Ukrainian nation

Christ is risen!
Dear fellow countrymen!
I sincerely congratulate you on this bright day!
Resurrection of Christ unites us with faith, hope and love. With faith in peace. With hope that life will be changing gr the better. God grant that love and unity reigned in our common home – Ukraine.
Christ is risen!
Easter is the symbol of purification and victory of life. God grant us protection and support in all of our good undertakings. God grant blessing, peace and harmony to every family.
Christ is risen!

Link to original, here at President's official website.

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