Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marxist Pine Curtain in Collegeville

Arrested Development Trustfund Kids

Editor: Abbot John Klassen is a trustfund kid who runs one of the largest, fastest dying Monasteries in the world. He is not only a bully, but he's an expert liar, or could it be that he's in denial like a drunkard or an opium eater? He reminds us of another political trustifarian, Karl Marx. [+Klassen is complicit in these crimes because he continues to protect those who committed them and lie for them] For the Abbot, like Karl Marx, had wealthy benefactors that enabled him and those close to him to live irresponsible lives, insulated from growing up, and capable of grave moral evil who didn't just molest other people's children, but his own. In any event, both options are possible. Most modern religious live comfortable lives as the beneficiaries of charitable trusts or wealthy patrons. The only thing really distinguishing most from trustifarians, rentier kids or Paris Hilton's friends, is the misappropriated air of respectability they enjoy and occasionally, some kind of religious lip service to a monastic tradition.

Many trust fund kids, as they present themselves and as they are portrayed in the media, aren't what you'd call philanthropists, but like Abbott John Klassen, they are often in a state of denial about their general situation. Not only is there a complete lack of charity in Abbott Klassen's approach, but there's a lot of irresponsibility as well.  For example, he plans on allowing a sexual predator, Father Francisco Schulte, to go back to work with children again, and he's also been destroying, or losing the records on file about the various perpetrators they have aided in the past do their Kinseyan dance.

Father Klassen recently made an untrue and off the cuff remark about the website, "Behind the Pine Curtain".  His obvious exaggeration, if not outright calumny, goes far to establish the kind of childish approach to the religious life these men have been fostering for decades. If only it were Pine Curtain's mission to run St. John's into the ground.  He could actually say that about this blog, because we think that St. John's is probably too far gone to be restored to the original purpose of its founders.  If it were ours to say, the Monks of St. John's would be brought to account for betraying more than three generations of Catholics with erroneous representations of the Catholic Faith, and their own imposture as Catholic religious.  St. Benedict of Nursia didn't plan on Monasteries being full of homosexual social workers who routinely go on pleasure vacations to Thailand and disobey the lawful commands of their superiors, but that's St. John's.  It's not Catholic.  It's a hell of syncretism and deceit.

Basically, St. Johns' leadership is irresponsible, dishonest and evil, and the really interesting thing in all of this is that Collegeville has been persecuting Catholics just as steadfastly as any Communist behind the Iron Curtain. Try arguing against one of those nuns or liberal faculty members in the theology department with the right stuff as a poor student, and you'll find your grade substantially lowered and consequently, your career potential significantly lowered, at least in theology.

We think Mr. Marker's choice for the title of his blog is as brilliant as it is accurate, because what goes on at that place is nothing short than the nastiest most underhanded persecution of the Catholic Church in the world, and one of the biggest frauds too. Those of you who have listened to Bishop Sheen's talks should know of Communist infiltration in the Catholic Church as they were described by ex-Communist and Attorney, Bella Dodd. Indeed, what goes on behind the Pine Curtain, often stays behind the Pine Curtain, including students who go missing like Josh Guimond. Who would guess that not only is your friendly priest, professor, alleged friend, a homosexual predator, but he's a Marxist as well.  If nothing else, the place needs an exorcism and a visit by the spirit of Augusto Pinochet.

Miguel Diaz, Collegeville Byproduct and Marxist Ambassador to Vatican

Here's an excerpt,

Abbot Klassen Still Doesn’t Get It
Posted on April 20, 2011 by admin

An excerpt from an April 15, 2011 article [ View ] in the St. John’s University student newspaper regarding the recent “Listening Sessions” held by Abbot John Klassen:

One audience member asked Klassen to address the website Behind the Pine Curtain, run by Patrick Marker, as many think this is the only source to find information regarding pending cases. “It’s a real thorn in our sides because the person who runs that has one agenda and that is to run St. John’s into the ground,” Klassen said.

Pine Curtain, here.


Anonymous said...

Accusing those you disagree with as 'Marxists' and 'child molesters' is astoundingly stupid and indicates that you are beyond the influence of reason.

This is scandalous nonsense. Get a grip.

Tancred said...

It's a lot easier to tackle a person than to actually go through the trouble of first understanding what he's trying to say, then trying to determine whether or not it's true.

You haven't even bothered to look at the truth or falsity of the accusations.

Perhaps a course in logic, but not at Collegeville, would be just the thing to address your woes, but then, it's probably the case that logic is the least of your worries.