Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EU Continues to Propose "Sterner Measures" Against Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage

Editor: last week, just before Easter, we heard the rousing declaration of the Hungarian Parliament, along with howls of protest from many quarters, revoking its old Stalinist Constitution and invoking its first Christian King, St. Stephen, affirming Hungary's connection with Christendom and working against same-sex marriage. Here's the story from the German District Site of the SSPX:

Vivanne Reding, European Commissar for Justice and basic rights, read a speech in the last year for the EU-Parliament what the true significance of the EU is:

"We don't want any people to resist same-sex marriage. In case this isn't understood, we will have to employ sterner measures."

Now the EU commission would like to implement what Frau Reding had proposed and put it in a misleadingly good sounding request.

There will be fewer administrative restrictions for EU citizens through the recognition of all personal status among all of the EU Nations: that touches birth status as well as death, marriage, partnerships and adoption status.

That sounds good for the time being, practical and good. There are, however, in the EU, Nations with very different laws in effect regarding what are valid marriage and adoption rights. This will force conservative nations to accept liberal legal requirements, even if these conflict with their Constitutions.

If for example, two Hungarian lesbians "marry" in the Netherlands and receive semen to conceive a child and Mother 2 adopts it, Hungary then has to recognize the artificial "family" upon its return to enjoy all of the rights and privileges of a natural family.

Therefore a nation must recognize this situation, which would be in contradiction of its own legal system. This situation contravenes national sovereignty and the principle of subsidiarity.

The European Constitution prescribes the legal harmony of the right and agreement of family rights of the member states, and is expecting that the EU "guidelines" are enacted to promote "homosexual marriage" without a consensensus through the back door.

This is where the EU shows what its understanding of Democracy is. "A more stringent measure" sounds, if anything, like hard enforcement from above without the consideration of the opinion of the people and must probably deserves to be described as "Dictocratic"! It is also deplorable that these words come, of all things, from the Commissar for Justice and Basic Rights! Who still pleads for the true basic and natural rights of citizens in the EU, as for example, those rights of a child for a natural birth and to be raised in a family with father and mother? Must these adolescent children deserve to be sacrificed to these homosexual ideologues?

Whoever wishes can learn more about resisting the forced recognition of same sex "marriage" by the EU, here. It has English and German.

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