Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will the Pope Allow King Juan Carlos to Sign the Abortion Law?

Apparently, there are reports that the King of Spain is being given permission by the Pope to sign this thing into law. This will be very interesting, indeed. In any event, so far, this is only one person, Alfonso Ussia, saying that this is what happened. It would be hard to believe indeed if the Pope were to have said this.

It also brings to mind article by Dr. Thomas Drolesky about Cardinal Cushing of Boston, who once told a radio audience when he was interviewed about how a Catholic politician should vote about allowing contraception to be sold in his district, that the politician has to represent his constituency before he is true to his Catholic Faith, so the Church teachings need to take a back seat to Americanism.

This is a strikingly similar pattern.

A google translation from Christinidad reads:

Little presaged in the early hours of Saturday, the information would be heard in the last moments of "Tears in The Rain", the film program and discussion of Juan Manuel de Prada on Intereconomía TV, that deals with the always hot Friday dilemma between monarchy and republic.

He had shown the film My Street (1960), Edgar Neville, and along with the show's hosts, Prada and Maria Carcaba, had discussed the issue with Miguel Ayuso, Professor of Constitutional Law, Dalmacio Black, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Peter González-Trevijano, rector of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and Alfonso Ussía writer.

In the final minutes a point was raised of different moral issues that may arise in a Constitutional Monarchy in the case of Catholic kings. The most famous were those of Henry of Luxembourg (which in 2008 refused to sanction the legalization of euthanasia), Baudouin (who in 1990 refused to enact the law on abortion) or Don Juan Carlos (who passed twice, in 1985 and 2010).

But it was when he took the floor and launched Alfonso Ussía's informative bombshell of the night: "The king went to see the Pope and ten days ago, the Pope said, 'you meet your obligation. Their duty is to obey the Constitution' The King personally went to see the Pope to request some relief."

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