Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Liberation Theology is Back?

Will Liberation Theology be Exhumed?

Vatican, today the new neo-Conservative Archbishop João Bráz de Aviz takes up his new office as Prefect for the Congregation for the Institutes of Religious Life. For the occasion, the Vatican daily, 'Osservatore Romano' published an interview with him wherein he defended the Old Liberal Liberation Theology. That which is found as a "preferential option for the poor" is being sold as a "holy imperative option for Evangelization". Already the supposedly holy John Paul II has said that Liberation Theology is "not only useful, rather also necessary".

From kreuznet.


gregY said...

It was under JPII that the kabbosh was put on liberation theology (just ask any liberal).
You may not agree with everything John Paul did, but it is absurd to slander him as supportive of liberation theology; and it is disingenuous to not distinguish between preferential option for the poor and lib. theology.
This is what happens when quotes get shamelessly yanked out of context.

Tancred said...
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Tancred said...

You should ask yourself, gregY, why are you so uninformed or willing to give a pass to LT? If you knew the provenance of the concept of 'preferential option for the poor' and understood the role it played in terms of the undermining of the Church in Latin America, it's doubtful you'd be as confident as you show yourself to be.

The 'Preferential Option' is a creation of the disobedient and cannibalistic former Father General Arrupe of the Jesuits. More than any other Jesuit, it's safe to say, he radicalized the Society and denatured it almost entirely of its Catholic character and harnessed it to Marxist indoctrination and backing violent Marxist regimes and causes.

That being said, then Cardinal Ratzinger's "condemnation" was not as forceful as it might have been, it actually stopped short of canonizing Marxian dialectic. but that's no surprise.

Pshaw, and although John Paul II was locked in a struggle with the Reds, he was hampered by disloyal Jesuits like Arrupe, for starters, and also had to deal with the Concordat that was made with the Soviets in the sixty three. Witness the selling out of Cardinal Mindszenty by Pope Paul and the way the Pope frequently vacillated and cringed when confronted by the Reds.

Note the generally unforceful and indecisive condemnations of Communism and the bad faith with which the Reds operated in turn.

We may have stopped with forceful condemnations, with exceptions of SOME of JPIIs occasional challenges to the Soviet Union, but we still have the Bishops Conferences, and last time I checked, they're still spouting Socialist dribble all over the place.

And most important, one thing you don't seem to care about, if LT is condemned as you say, what's this Cardinal doing by praising it? Is he preparing the way for more unfruitful diabologue with our enemies, or is he going to invite them into the Church and ask them to help themselves to the fruits of other peoples' hard earned spiritual labor?