Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NCR Blogger thinks Catholic University of America is a "Welcoming Place"

Well, it's probably a good thing that CUA won't get sued by the ACLU because they have created a welcoming environment for Sodomy on their campus, but first, a couple of things. This should inspire you, if you haven't been so inspired already, to cancel your subscription to NCR. Then you should really re-consider paying all that money to send your child to what the authoress below insists is now a "gay-friend" campus called "Catholic" University of America.

Looks like NCR is also going to ride the victimization train in working to legitimize sodomy. The authoress also talks about coming into a world of acceptance after graduation. That's fine, you can have all the acceptance you want in the world, but you're still not happy unless everyone accepts the fact that you want to do what you do. What about all the gay bullying of straight people that goes on in the courts when a homosexual feels they're being persecuted against, they take it to the courts. So if you run a Seminary, a bridal business or what have you, and you don't want to cater to a sodomite's wedding, you can be forced to deal with litigation.

It's just one more piece in the decline of the West.

At the end of my admissions interview for the Catholic University of America (CUA), I asked, “Is this school welcoming for gay and lesbian people?” The interviewer responded simply, “Yes.”

When I walked onto CUA’s campus for the first time as a student, I thought I was walking on to a safe and welcoming campus. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

In my years at CUA, I was called a fag in class. I was constantly reminded about the rules against “homosexual activity” on campus. I was encouraged to live a chaste life by campus ministers. I was asked to resign from leading a women’s prayer group. I was ostracized from campus ministry activities. I was laughed at when I tried to start a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students on campus. The list goes on.

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