Sunday, April 25, 2010

SSPX Boarding School Closed by the German State

A Left-run reform school is afforded all the management errors and conceiveable abuses without consequences; but it's something different with the Society of St. Pius X.

[Kreuz, Saarbrücken] The boarding school of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X's Realschule [a kind of non-preparatory highschool and junior high] 'Herz Jesu' in Saarbrücken will be closed. This was reported by the regional paper 'Saarbrückener Zeitung' today.

Recently the Social Ministry withdrew an operating permit issued in September 2007 to the administration of the School, the School Association of Don Bosco.

Moreover, the Society had two unnamed residence facilities associated with the boarding school closed within two weeks.

The Realschule has no official comment on the closing.

Actually, the faithful students come from great distances and need to find lodging near the school.

One Bed too Many

The National Youth Office, which belongs to the Social Ministry, views the health of 26 students between 10 to 17 years in the boarding school, supposedly endangered.

The agency of the School Society have "deliberately" for over 10 years back given false reports to the authorities -- maintains the 'Saarbrücken Zeitung'.

Upon a routine check in March the authorities found 26 students although only eight were approved.

The children would have been partially sleeping in four bed rooms, although a maximum of three beds were approved.

Four students in the ninth and tenth classes, who before the aforementioned closing, should thank an exception in the rules that they can remain till the end of the year.

Trustworthy Residence Facilities instead of Host Families

The eleven pupils in two residence facilities explained that they would live with host families.

Each residence facility was cared for by an educator with only the most appropriate training.

The Children Felt as Fit as a Fiddle

A spokesman for the Social Ministry, Thorstein Klein, assumes: "They tried to lead us behind the light".

Child welfare is supposedly the Ministry's first priority. That's why their mandate will be put into effect.

The school association can submit a complaint against the mandate to close the school, before the administrative court.

Society of Pius X Purposefully Slandered

Finally and utterly, the 'Saarbrücker Zeitung' brought forth something out of thin air from the past media campaign of homosexual abuse:

"The Youth Office holds the agent manifestly irresponsible, that it fears, those responsible were possible violators, who might sexually abuse or use force against children, and fail to recognize it or report it."

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Anonymous said...

"Left run reform school"? What the hell have you been sniffing? This blog of yours is a good example of why it is a bad thing to post while drunk. And I am being kind. I could have merely said, "It shows why it's a good thing to stay awake in 9th grade English." LOL!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the NAZIS are winning in Germany again.

Tim said...

Anon 3:16:
It's obvious the article is a "Google translation" - this explains your "drunk" English...

Anonymous said...

I think he is talking about another school that was given a pass by the government ministry, and that this school was left-run.
While the SSPX school is being held to excessive scrutiny.