Monday, April 26, 2010

Attorney Jeffrey Anderson Gets Media Attention But Never Won an Abuse Case

According to Bill Donahue, Jeffrey Anderson has a track record of no wins, although he has obtained significant amounts of money representing victims and alleged victims of sexual abuse. Despite never winning a case, he is very effective in driving the media blitz on the Catholic Church, serving interests which one could discover by simply looking at his poltical contributions and membership in the ACLU as mentioned in a previous article, here.

Even CNN sees the significance of this man in the present media storm.

One lawyer behind many allegations of Catholic Church abuse

(CNN) -- The last month has seen a blizzard of new sex abuse accusations against the Catholic Church from across the United States. Almost all of them -- and the intense media attention they've garnered -- can be traced to one man: a Minnesota lawyer named Jeff Anderson.

Last week, an alleged victim of priest abuse in Wisconsin announced a lawsuit against the Vatican itself. Anderson is representing the alleged victim.

A couple of days earlier, a Mexican man who alleged abuse by a priest years ago filed suit against Mexico's top Catholic cleric in a U.S. court. The plaintiff is another Anderson client.

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