Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Bishops

Two Bishops have made the news over the last few weeks. Sex Abuse Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee who paid half a million dollars in hush money to his boyfriend is going to further outrage the citizens of Milwaukee by appearing at a Mass alongside retired Archbishop Pilarczyk and incoming Archbishop Listeki; and Pro-Gay Marriage Cardinal Fideles is being silent about the "Gay Marriage" issue that is up in the Portuguese Parliament and became rather persnickety when a journalist pressed him as to why, according to Lifesite:

The cardinal, who openly supports legal privileges for same-sex couples in conflict with Vatican teaching, is also a close confidant of Portugal's socialist prime minister, Jose Socrates.

The meeting in Milwaukee of Catholic luminaries should provide adaquate fodder for those clamouring for more "transparency" and "democracy" in the Roman Catholic Church, hoping, who really knows why, that the Church will change her doctrines on Birth Control and Clerical Celibacy. If it's hard to see why people get worked up about it, perhaps it's because that, apart from a coterie of elitist scribblers at the big newspapers, most people don't really care. We think they'd rather that their local Bishops were the good men they are often portrayed to be. We think they'd rather, perhaps against the corrupt expectations of the liberal press corp, that the Catholic Church really were the organization it's portrayed as being in those old Bing Crosby movies.

Unfortunately, Archishop Listeki has really lost a golden opportunity to stand up against the tyrany of evil and to date, it seems that most Bishops would prefer to spend their treasure on their Public Image at the expense of their eternal souls.

On the other hand, in Portugal, the government, ever Masonic in its general lack of principles, is promoting Gay Marriage. Like the previous example-- there's what Noam Chomsky calls some manufactured going on-- most people don't approve of the Catholic Church harboring sex predators like Archbishop Weakland, and most of the Portuguese people despise the idea of gay marriage.

Here's a news story on the Bronzed Sex Abuse Archbishop and you can really read in the comments that they are angry that something they cherish has been tarnished by a vile predatory, homosexual Bishop.

And then there's an obituary for a recently deceased Anglican Bishop, who pounded on the door to the Catholic Church, sorry, we're not interested in converts was the reply, he was actually refused by the local Nuncio, but persisted till he was finally let in. Despite becoming a Catholic, he remained sceptical about the leadership (we wonder why), and wrote, according to Catholic Culture:

While certain that he had made the right decision in moving to Rome, he remained uneasy about the lack of rigour shown by the Catholic bishops on a range of issues, particularly their approach to ecumenicism.

This really does give more lie to the leftists in the media who can only harp about same-sex marriage, married priests and other pet issues, when their criticisms are actually held by a small number of elitists in the Church, but are really quite irrelevant.

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Dan said...

As one who is and has been doomed to live in the tax-hell of the entire world, Milwaukee, I, too, was disgusted by the presence of the unspeakable Rembert Weakland at Listecki's installation.

Oh, the excuses from many sickened Catholics were typical. "Well, it's protocal to have the previous Bishop in attendance," etc., etc., etc. In reply to that I can only summon up a rather colorful but apt word: bullshit. The days of "Mr Nice Guy" and Catholic protocal are now over. You don't invite an open, obnoxious homosexual to the installation of a new Bishop. That is really not rocket science, now, is it?

The only reason that Weakland is still running around freely is that he must know where all the bodies are buried in the Church. Only blackmail can explain the fact that he is always around, making a fool of himself and discgracing his cloth and the Church he served so badly.

I'm afraid, too, that Bishop Listecki is not off to a very promising start. I will wait awhile to see if he really intends on cleaning up the filth here in Milwaukee but I will not wait forever. I think that after 30 years of Rembert Weakland we are entitled to some good news, and I don't mean the mealy-mouthed cliches and platitudes of a Timothy Dolan, who also disgraced the Church in Milwaukee though in a different way than his poof predecessor.

I pray that Listecki has some guts.