Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Radio Maria: P. Nuara is Assigned to Ecclesia Dei -- Prof de Mattei takes over Broadcast-- And FSSP Priest from Portugal Joins Him

(Erba) In the last week at Radio Maria in Italian, the mother station of the world family of Radio Maria, Vicnezo Nuara OP will broadcast for the last time. The Dominican made known his appointment to Ecclesia Dei which is now assigned to the CDF, at the end of the broadcast.

P. Nuara has headed up for the past 10 years a monthly show at Radio Maria. In the beginning he was concerned above all with the subject of Sects and "New Religions". Step by step, in the course of an general change in climate, he began to tackle more delicate subjects, like the question of "subsisit in", the authority of the Second Vatican Council and finally the traditional Liturgy of the Catholic Church. In the past few years toward the end, he celebrated at Radio Maria the first Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite for the first time. [sic]

Prof. Roberto de Mattei will take up his position in February. Mattei is the full Professor for Modern History at the University of Cassino and directs the Historical Seminar at the Europa-University in Rome. He is the deputy Dean of the Italian Government appointed National Advisory Board for Science, writer for newspaper Radici Cristiane and even a friend of Catholic Tradition.

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Father Nuar OP, is joined also in the Ecclesia Dei Commission, by the Portuguese Allmiro de Andrade of the Priestly Fraterny of St. Peter. He will be the first member of ED who actually belongs to a Society of Tradition and is at the same time a full member of the Commission.

The Internet Site "Messe in latino" calls this move an "extraordinary step" in the direction to "strengthen the Commission" for the effective implementation of the Motu Proprio.

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