Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Few Anesthetized Souls Plan to Celebrate Archbishop Weakland's Defense of Children in Milwaukee

If Flannery O'Connor or Evelyn Waugh had been as hostile to the Catholic Church as they were to the world around it, they would have written a story like that of Archbishop Weakland. The Irony of him speaking at the unveiling of his own bronze image in a cathedral he virtually destroyed might give some hope to many of you who are morally attuned enough to realize the insanity of the situation. Enjoy the irony we say for God's vengeance can't be far behind in this story.

Link to story, and photos showing the artwork commissioned by Blessed Rembert who is depicted giving shelter to innocent children. It nearly rivals Ferdinand Marcos' own memorial which features Mozart's Requiem being played day and night for eternity.

We suspect that these are the signs of the depravity accompanying the death of Faith in the West when men no longer fear God and worship false idols.

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