Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dissidents Want to Immitate the Society of Pius X

Well, the Devil is God's ape.

This just in over at Catholic Media Coalition in an article aptly named "Katholic Carma" It features the American Catholic Council which aims to form its own organization called the Laical Society for Blessed John XXIII (LBJXXIII) much like the Society of Saint Pius X was formed, outside of the sphere of influence of the Vatican. One poster complained that she has to drive for many miles to find parishes that are committed to the "Spirit of Vatican II".

Because we are “conservative” and “traditional” Roman Catholics (in the true sense of those words), we will be returning to some practices of the Early Church which have long been neglected, but which are in the Spirit of Vatican II. Among these practices are the election of bishops by the people, ordination without regard to marital status, gender, or sexual orientation, and ownership of property by the people rather than by the hierarchy.

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