Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardinal Sean O'Malley is Euthanizing his Priests

While Boston College has been funding abortions and birth control, +Sean has been embracing the culture of death.

From "Throw the Bums Out", here, Cardinal O'Malley is moving some of the priests to a treatment facillity for pederasts, although their names have been cleared at a Diocesan tribunal.

Carol McKinley maintains that the six priests are "falsely" accused. Apparently they have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Diocese but are still being moved and having their benefits cut off.

According to an updated article, here, two of the priests, Father Tivnan and Father Plourde are actually missing somewhere between the Canada facillity which couldn't admit them and the home they left in Boston.

Of course, Cardinal Sean is already trimming priests' benefits to save archdiocese pension system.

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