Monday, December 7, 2009

Kampala City is the Place you Oughta Be! Uganda.

We understand that real-estate prices in Uganda are very low, and they probably aren't due for another political upheaval for at least another 20 years. With legislation that rankles the effeminate files of the world's global elites like this, it's enough to make some of us want to embrace the possibility for change and take a chance in a new world.

As Episcopalians in America were electing their second gay bishop, their Anglican cousins in Uganda were embroiled in controversial legislation that would make would put those bishops in prison for life, or condemn them to death.

The legislation being considered by the Parliament of Uganda, which outlaws "any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex," punishable by life in prison or death, threatens to further divide Episcopalians, some of whom have left the U.S. church and aligned with the Anglican Church of Uganda and other anti-homosexual African communions.

It's also putting other U.S. religious leaders, from Jim Wallis to Rick Warren, in the unusual position of commenting on political matters in other nations.


Homosexuality already is illegal in Uganda: The Penal Code bans "carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature," with a possible penalty of life imprisonment, but prosecutions are rare because the standard of proof requires that offenders be caught in the act. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the proposed legislation would make it easier to catch and prosecute offenders:

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And a Senior Anglican prelate in Uganda is backing his sensible government. No doubt, the ever dissembling media will trot out vague racist statements to slur the government of Uganda.

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