Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Homosexuals within Prevent the Church from Reacting to Moves to Oppose Homosexual Legistlation: Ireland

Homosexual marriage legistlation is a way to promote acceptance for homosexuals while their Episcopal enablers air their concerns about Global Warming and the press vents its synthetic rage on the "medieval secrecy" of the Church.

Tue 08 Dec, 2009

Despite being rocked by strikes, scandals and financial collapse, Ireland’s social transformation continues unabated. Thursday December 3 saw the latest rupture from the past as the Republic of Ireland became the latest country to begin the process of affording recognition to same-sex couples. Dáil Éireann, Ireland’s parliament, read and debated the Civil Partnership Bill 2009 introduced by Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern.

The Bill would, if passed, grant same-sex couples rights in relation to domestic violence, residential tenancies, succession, refugee law, pensions, medical care, access to state benefits and immigration.

Opposition to the Bill was muted. Minister Ahern has told his colleagues, Fianna Fáil lawmakers, concerned about the Civil Partnership Bill that he is ruling out a “freedom of conscience” amendment that would allow any organisations run people offended by homosexuality, such as Church halls and wedding photographers, to consider same-sex couples unmarried.

The Bill’s passage into law this month is virtually assured because of strong backing by opposition parties. However, reaction to the Bill from gay rights organisations has been mixed.

While many campaigners have welcomed the move, MarriagEquaility, a group that campaigns for full recognition of same-sex marriage, says the bill does not go far enough and promotes discrimination against gays and lesbians.

“Civil partnership without the option to marry sends a clear message out to the public that the government do not consider gay and lesbian relationships to be equal. Civil partnership, without a civil marriage option, promotes inequality and may contribute to homophobia,” said MarriagEquality director Moninne Griffith.


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