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Chum's in the Water! Legal Sharks and Professional Victims Circle around Oregon Jesuit Province

Believe it or not, heresy is a greater crime than abusing children and one begets the other. The great crimes of the heretical Bogomils in the 13th Century were always accompanied by sexual depravity; but they weren't just performed in modern Europe but in ancient Sparta as well where among the pagans, it was not generally held as a crime. These crimes are not being committed by devoted Catholic priests, indeed, overall, even with the American Church's own struggle with heresy, leaves a child considerable safer in Her institutions when compared to other organizations like Hollywood, the Rabbinate of New York City or the Public School system. Ironically, the prohibition against the practices of abusing children were originated in Catholicism and pre-Christian Judaism.

Unfortunately, here in America, again, the problem with heresy, people aren't so much concerned about Justice, a Catholic virtue, but with money and ultimately, the destruction of the Catholic Faith in America.

Amid ads for condoms, dating sites, Planned Parenthood and with some heavy endorsement from gay-friendly David Cohessey, one side cuts while the other side holds as they attempt to dismember the Catholic Church. The Jesuits by their wilful and well planned program of promoting clerical homosexuals to positions of trust, and then you get the legal role played by advocacy organizations like SNAP who scoop the victims up as fodder for a political agenda far beyond mere justice. David Clohassey leaves little mystery as to where, or to whom, his allegiance lies and you can almost detect the spit and bile as he hatefully writes,

The church's actions clearly show that it is in touch with something other than the god the people expect or the god this failed religion speaks of. When perverted incomplete men such as these fail as they have and as they will blindly continue there is a need to see them exposed as the frauds they are. Gods representative?

Pedophile's Paradise [courtesy of Oregon Province's Society of Jesus]

One spring afternoon in 1977, 15-year-old Rachel Mike tried to kill herself for the third time. An Alaska Native, Rachel was living in a tiny town called Stebbins on a remote island called St. Michael. She lived in a house with three bedrooms and nine siblings. Rachel was a drinker, depressed, and starving. "When my parents were drinking, we didn't eat right," she says. "I just wanted to get away from the drinking."

Rachel walked to the bathroom to fetch the family rifle, propped in the bathtub with the dirty laundry (the house didn't have running water). To make sure the gun worked, Rachel loaded a shell and blew a hole in her bedroom wall. Her father, passed out on his bed, didn't hear the shot. Rachel walked behind their small house. Her arms were too short to put the rifle to her head, so she shot herself in her right leg instead.


The only reason Poole is not in jail, Roosa says, is the statute of limitations. And the reason he's still a priest, being cared for by the church?

"Jim Poole is elderly," answered Very Reverend Patrick J. Lee, head of the Northwest Jesuits, by e-mail. "He lives in a Jesuit community under an approved safety plan that includes 24-hour supervision." [The fox is indeed, guarding the roost here]

Roosa has another theory—that Poole knows too much. "They can't put him on the street and take away his reason for keeping quiet," Roosa says. "He knows all the secrets." [That's not necessarily true. Many others have left the priesthood and they haven't sung like canaries. Others have gone to prison and haven't mentioned a single word. Fortunately for Poole, and unfortunately for his victims, however, statute of limitations is exceeded. Perhaps a return to the Inquisition is in order?]

Father James Poole's story is not an isolated case in Alaska. On the morning of January 14 in Seattle, Ken Roosa and a small group Alaska Natives stood on the sidewalk outside Seattle University to announce a new lawsuit against the Jesuits, claiming a widespread conspiracy to dump pedophile priests in isolated Native villages where they could abuse children off the radar.

"They did it because there was no money there, no power, no police," Roosa said to the assembled cameras and microphones. "It was a pedophile's paradise." He described a chain of poor Native villages where priests—many of them serial sex offenders—reigned supreme. "We are going to shine some light on a dark and dirty corner of the Jesuit order."

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