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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tug of War over Carmelite Monastery Continues

Edit: The Diocese already has a buyer.  Ka-ching... according to KATH.NET.

Zweifall ( The tug-of-war over the Carmelite monastery in Eifeldorf Zweifall in the Diocese of Aachen comes to a head. Two Nuns, Sister Katharina (46) und Sister Regina (60) still remain there and are resisting the plans of the Diocese to dissolve the monastery, now they can no longer have access to their bank account, as the newspaper "Bild" reported.

The Diocese has a Buyer

The Diocese has, since 2006, imposed an emergency board from the Monastic Association of Carmelites consisting of Sister Hildegard Grimme, the president of the Federation of Carmelites in Germany (Karmelitinnenkloster St. Josef in Auderath in der Eifel)and Sister Josua Maria Bubenikova (Karmelitinnenkloster von der Heiligen Familie in Düren).

Only in the accompaniment of Sister Hildegard, may the two Carmelites get any more money. "That is a degradation that we don't need", said Sister Katharina. "We can't get our money any more, so we can't use it to buy food, and can't pay any more bills," complained Sister Regina.

Both Sisters operate a bakery for hosts and sell about 80,000 hosts per week to over 200 parishes. The payments go into their account. They don't get any financial support either from the Diocese or the Order. After a rescission the property ownership falls to the Diocese, and according to media reports plans a sale. The Cloister Maria Königin [Mary the Queen] has been in existence since 1955 and sits on a height above the village of Zweifall in the Eifel Mountains.

The village people and the Friends Circle of the Cloister are furious: "This is like the Middle Ages," said Josef Ehlen of the Friends Circle. "The Bishop of Aachen wants to let the nuns die of starvation." The temporary solution: "every Sunday in our Holy Mass a collection is made by the people of the village for us. We are very frugal, and we can get by with that for the week", explained the Sisters.

"On the side of the order it is feared that a cloistered life according to the rule was not possible any longer", explained the speaker of the Diocese of Aachen regarding the plans of dissolution to the Hamburger Abendblatt. The Bishop has already filed the dissolution.

The Roman Monastic Congregation confirmed the dissolution in December 2005 and authorized the Diocese to direct it, and on 2007 the Apostolic Signatura, the highest Catholic Court, denied Sister Regina's complaint against the Monastery closure.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will the Diocese of Aachen be Driven to Use Force?

Many faithful have gathered themselves around these two Carmelites in Zweifall.  They won't leave the field without a battle.

( The sword of Damocles of forced expulsion hangs over the head of the two Carmelites of Zweifall.

This was reported in the German boulevard magazine 'Bild' on Monday.

Since their case has become known, Sister Regina(60) and Sister Katharina (40), have received a great sympathetic demonstration.

The Cloister which the two industrious Alsace Nunus occupy about 4.000 cubic meters has been abolished since six years ago by official Diocesan mandate.

The Diocese of Aachen would like to close the Carmel and sell it.

Actually, the Nuns don't need anyone's help. They earn their keep with their host bakery.

By a petition of the Diocese, the Aachen court has assembled an emergency board for the non-Profit association of the Carmel.

The goal: It should dissolve the association. Then the Cloister and the Land will fall to the Diocese.

The two Nuns will defend themselves with tooth and nail:

"I won't go freely", explained Sister Regina to 'Bild': "The Cops are going to have to drag me out of here."

And: "the men in the village stand behind us, will even fight with us, if it's going to get tough."

It's clear to Sister: "If we have to leave the Cloister, it will be as if Jesus had been put a second time on the Cross."

A speaker of the Diocese of Aachen is confident in the members of the Emergency Board. It has dealt with two other Carmlites from two other Cloisters:

"Both nuns in the Emergency Board will decide now, how it will proceed -- and what will be the fate of the two Nuns in Zweifall."

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