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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New German Charges Against the British Hero-Bishop

Illegal According to International Law

The muzzle-justice of the organizations pursuing the Third Reich continue to embarrass themselves.  The attorney of the Society has already announced that he is prepared to appeal against the new summary order of punishment.

Bishop Williamson at
Confirmation in 1991
© Jim, the Photographer, Flickr,CC
 ( The Nazi-mad Federal Court of Regensburg has renewed its summary order of punishment against Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson (72) for incitement of the people.

The new accusation is seeking a penalty of 100 days at the daily rate. (It's indeterminate now what they'll charge him per day, but it will probably be similar to the 65 euro amount, which is 6,500 euros total)

 A court speaker is angered -- that Msgr Williamson -- is not punishable by German law -- has allegedly defamed the gas methods during the anti-Catholic Third Reich. The German summary punishment is illegal according to international law. 

Now they will once again roll out the failed court case. Preliminarily, the attorney of Bishop Williamson has announced, that he is against proceeding in the case of a new summary punishment.

Occupational Therapy for Muzzle-Justice

The proceedings have been ongoing since 2009.

At the appeal in 2011 the German State desired 100 days at a daily rate of 65 euros, therefore, 6,500 euros.

The Supreme Court of Nurnberg declared the Society Bishop free of any adverse judgements resulting from the trial, but allowed for a new trial. [Can you say double-jeopardy?]

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