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Saturday, April 9, 2016

We Now Know Who Pope Francis is Voting For in the Next US Presidential Election

(Rome) The officially preferred the Vatican political current is to the far left. The recent confirmation delivers the invitation of Senator Bernie Sanders in the Vatican. Sanders is the challenger to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. He was invited, and he alone of all the presidential candidates by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the actual executive arm of papal policy

The social (istic)  perspective on the world

Arranger in the background is Curia Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. Sanchez Sorondo already threaded the change of course in terms of UN post-Millennium Development Goals and climate change. The prerequisite is that the Vatican gives up its opposition to the neo-Malthusian population policy. A requirement that Pope Francis in September 2013 in an interview with the Roman Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica unofficially announced, and Sanchez Sorondo actively converts into concrete policy coin (see his interview about the alleged link between abortion and climate change ).
In terms of the socio-political (abortion, gender ideology)  Sanders represents the same positions as Clinton, and these are far removed from those of the Catholic Church. Where Clinton and Sanders differ most clearly is in the area of ​​social and economic policies. That is thew key to the Vatican's  invitation, while his abortion advocacy is no longer an obstacle under Pope Francis.
Next week Bernie Sanders will fly to Rome, although the decisive phase of the pre-selection battle is taking place  in the US. He is to participate in a meeting of the Vatican Pontifical Academy of Social SciencesThe reason for the meeting are the anniversaries of two social encyclicals: 25 years of the encyclical Centesismus annus and 125 years of the encyclical Rerum Novarum .
The 1891 by Pope Leo XIII. published encyclical Rerum Novarum , the first social encyclical of the Church's history and is considered the "mother of all social encyclicals". Centesimus annus was published in 1991 under Pope John Paul II. for  its 100th anniversary, which was a response to the collapse of the communist dictatorship in the Soviet bloc.

Who Pope Francis would have liked as the 45th President of the USA

How the US public sees the relationship between Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders
Sanders is the only one of five official US presidential candidates, who was invited to the Vatican. Who Pope Francis would like to see in person as the 45th President of the United States at the White House, is thus brought to expression in this unveiling. Whether such an open declaration and taking sides is good for the Church, is an entirely different matter.
The preference is of a non-confessional nature. Among the five remaining candidates, there is not a Catholic, only a former Catholic, and that's not Sanders. On the Republican side, the three candidates still in the race: Donald Trump is Presbyterian, Ted Cruz, a Southern Baptist and John Kasich, who was been baptized as a Catholic, is today an Anglicans. Hillary Clinton from the Democrats is Methodist, her challenger Bernie Sanders is a Jew. Sanders would be the first Jewish state and government chief in US history.

Lesbos and the "democratic socialist"

The Vatican meeting will be held on 15-16 April. Details are not yet known. There is no provision, says Vatican Radio that Sanders makes a speech. The meeting is therefore likely to be only the external occasion for a private meeting with Pope Francis. The coincidence between Sanders and the pope is expected to take place on Friday, because on Saturday, Francis will be flying on to the Greek island of Lesbos . Also, in terms of immigration policy, the Catholic Church leader and US Senator from Vermont are among all presidential candidates, the closest.
Sanders describes himself as a " democratic socialist " and a "great supporter of the Pope". In the primary campaign for the Democratic nomination, he moved back to being  favored against Clinton. The race is not yet decided.
To the biggest Italian daily Corriere della Sera. Curia Bishop Sanchez Sorondo explained the Sanders-invitation with the words, "because he shows a real interest in the study of papal documents."  During the election campaign for the most powerful political office in the world that is not enough to justify an obvious partisanship. He had "seen no other candidates who quote the Pope in their election campaign," said Sanchez Sorondo, who comes from Argentina with Pope Francis and is one of the closest confidants of Pope.

Duel Pope - Donald Trump

However, the other candidate, Sanders opponent Clinton, has already tried to avail herself with Pope Francis for their election campaign.
It was, however, a remote duel between Donald Trump, the leading candidate of the Republicans, and the Pope on February 18. The reason was  immigration policy. [He was silent during the Same-sex marriage dispute in Italy.] During his visit to Mexico, Francis had mixed into politics during his visit to the  border fence in the US and  dueled with Trump for the first time in the local election campaign. With the exclusive invitation for Sanders in the Vatican, it is clear in any case that Pope Francis least favors Donald Trump on the popularity scale to Bernie Sanders.
This is clearly too much of political partisanship and too much of the over-emphasis on his person over the Office, which is irritating to high Vatican representatives.
At the Vatican conference alongside other prominent Sanders Links politicians will take part, including the presidents of Ecuador and Bolivia. The latter gave Pope Francis in July 2014, a sickle-and-hammer-cross , which was seen by many Catholics as distasteful, if not blasphemous.

Participants Jeffrey Sachs: climate change and population reduction

For $ 25.90: Francis and Sanders 2016
Among the conference participants next week will also be Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute of Columbia University and as personal adviser to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. His role sounds more meaningful: as Jeffrey Sachs is a leading proponent of the theory of human-inflicted climate change, on which  the current world climate policy is based. He is also a representative of the neo-Malthusian theory, which calls for a radical population reduction. Nevertheless, he managed to with the influence of Sanchez Sorondo, to be appointed by Pope Francis as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. An appointment in the field of "non-negotiable values" (Benedict XVI.) shows that a paradigm shift has occurred.

Weight of Catholic voters - remodeling the church in the United States

In terms of weight (number, organization and money) the German Bishops 'Conference and the US Bishops' Conference, form the two antipodes of this pontificate. The German Bishops' Conference wants Francis to win,  the US wants him to remodeling. His meddling in the US election campaign also has to do with it.
Catholics account for nearly one quarter of the US electorate. If you count the former Catholics (like John Kasich) to even a third. Catholics in the US,  traditionally vote democratic for historical reasons.That changed under the Republican US President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). In the latest polls,  the Catholic electorate showed transitions to being deeply divided. The unilateral papal partisanship that differs strikingly from the position of the US episcopate,  contains all the elements within itself to sharpen this division.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: accidentalsocialist / (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred