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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bishop's Congregation Had the Goods on Dismissed Archbishop From Slovakia


Edit: It looks like Cardinal Ouellette is taking this assignment very seriously, and taking the wolves down to size.  These Bishops are fairly small potatoes.  It will be interesting to see more visible and powerful prelates fall to this kind of treatment.

A Slovakian television broadcaster has published a letter between the Archbishop of Tyrnau and the Bishops Congregation.

(, Trnava)  Yesterday, Archbishop Robert Bezak of Tyrnau, dismissed on July 2nd, took leave during Mass in the chapel of his former Episcopal Palace.

This was reported by the Austrian news agency 'kathpress'.

The Media Bosses Know the Background 

Msgr. Bezak celebrated the New Mass.  The new Diocesan administrator, Auxiliary Bishop Jan Orosch, concelebrated.

At present Archbishop Bezak is located, according to press reports, in a cloister of the Redemptorists in Bratislava.

The Slovakian television station 'TA3' will publish before long, the background of the dismissal.

It's All True

The broadcaster presented an exchange of letters between Msgr Bezak and the Roman Bishops Congregation.

The documents contain information of an query of the Archbishop regarding his financial situation, his faithfulness and his manner of life.

The president of the Slovakian Bishops Conference, Archbishop Stanislav Zvolensky of Pressburg, confirmed the truthfulness of this information in a press conference.

Previously to that, he met with the Slovakian nuncio, Archbishop Mario Giordana, for four hours.

Who it was that brought the confidential documents to light, he did not say.

This Inquiry Came Too Late

The Bishops Congregation asked Msgr Bezak -- in hindsight -- about the state of his priestly ordination, about euthanasia, abortion, premarital infidelity and women's ordination.

The Archbishop worked prior to his ordination as Bishop in April 2009, as an Old Liberal Professor of Moral Theology.

Still further, the Bishops Congregation charged that Msgr. Bezak is said to have "presented himself in secular clothing (jeans and shirt, sweat suit)".

Still, the secular style of the contemporary clergyman (zeitgeistlichen) was well known before his ordination to Bishop...

As Everywhere:  He promoted the Vermin of the Diocese

The Bishops Congregation informed Msgr Bezak also about the financial situation of the Archdiocese and about the conduct of a female business manager.

Msgr Bezak had to justify himself further, because he had surrounded himself "with colleagues of dubious reputation".

The situation related to homosexual clergy and priests living in concubinage. 

The Bishops Congregation presented information -- and photographs --, where the Archbishop visited "gyms, saunas, baths and public showers" with dubious persons.

Back or Homosexual Problems?

In the response to the last criticism, Msgr Bezak criticized the sharp tone of the Congregation.

He didn't know what a "public shower" was, has no times for baths and is not interested in saunas.

He was simply at the sports center because of his back problem.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Old Liberal Archbishop of Tyrnau Dismissed

Edit: some good news along with the bad.

From the clear blue sky:  no one knew what he brought to the dignity of his office.   But apparently money was involved.
Cathedral of Tyrnau

(  Pope Benedict XVI has dismissed Archbishop Robert Bezak (52) from Tyrnau in Slovakia.

The Archbishop was appointed in February 2009 to his office.

The 66,000 population city of Tyrnau lays in western Slovakia -- north east of the capital of Bratislava.

The Vatican demanded that Msgr Bezak vacate his office and leave the Archdiocese.

Announcement at Sunday Mass

Officially, there is no reason for the dismissal of the Archbishop.

Yesterday, Msgr Bezak read a letter in the Cathedral of Tyrnau, in which he announced the Vatican's dismissal.

He also had received a letter from the Nuncio in Slovakia, Archbishop Mario Giordana.  In that the Nuncio demanded his resignation.

Many Questionable Signs

Msgr Bezak claimed to the faithful not to know why he was being dismissed.

The Vatican had asked him not to talk to the media bosses.

The letter from the Vatican speaks of "serious complaints".

A speaker from the Slovakian Bishops Conference refused to give a statement.

Darling of the Media

Msgr Bezak suspected that a reason for his dismissal was his criticism of his predecessor, Archbishop Jan Sokol (78).

Msgr Sokol was, because of his courageous defense of Catholic behavior, very much hated by the media bosses.

The naming of Msgr Bezak was greeted, on the other hand, by the media bosses with jubilation.

Earlier Complaints Against His Predecessor

Msgr Bezak entered the Redemptorists in 1979.

He was ordained a priest in 1984.

Pope Benedict XVI named him as Archbishop of Tyrnau on the 18th of February 2009.

At the beginning of March the newly appointed Bishop had criticized the previous management of the Archdiocese for financial irregularities to the Vatican.

Msgr. Sokol and his Financial Director challenged the charge.

The Resistance Formed

In February of 2012 the Vatican ordered a visitation.

The object of the investigation was the "management of ecclesiastical goods" as well as "personnel matters".

The evidence was not then published.

The administrator of the Archdiocese is the present General Vicar, Auxiliary Bishop Jan Oorosch.

This evening, supporters of the Archbishop are going to stage a protest march in the city center of Tyrnau.

Link to kreuz....