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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tucson Shooting Reveals Return to 1990s Mindset in America: Evil Liberals Are Blaming the Victims

Editor:  The liberal media is more likely to blame in its valorization of a cult of violence and death in major motion pictures, academia, medicine and politics in general, which have far more cultural impact than do "conservative" talk shows.

The last time liberals had unrivaled political power, they ended up slaughtering millions of people after usurping the Russian Throne. So, in this case, conservatives like the Czar and his family were the victims of a liberal wealth confiscation scheme.  Too impatient to rely on inflation, the liberals killed the Czar and his family in a remote place under cover of darkness.

Now they're blaming "conservatives" for something they've definitely influenced by their cancerous presence in motion pictures and music.

America has been going through something of a political time-warp in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre.
The public discussion again and again harkens back to the mid-1990s when the Oklahoma City bombing spurred the American elite to a lengthy discussion about the rise of radicals on the right. Reporters and analysts this week have endlessly reprised the arguments of 15 years ago.
Will President Obama's memorial speech at the University of Arizona evoke Bill Clinton's mix of sympathy and political accusation in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing? Is a toxic political climate to blame for setting off a madman? Are conservative opinion mongers to blame? [They're asking the wrong questions.  Look within.]

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New USCCB President is Traditional Friendly but Cheesy

Beating out the Bernardin  protege, Archbishop Dolan becomes the next president of the USCCB.  Some in the USCCB are complaining about Catholic Blogs attacking +Kicanas; oh well. [Oh well, the above photo is the wrong Bishop Dolan, but that Bishop is setting a much better example, at least with his vestments, than has Archbishop Dolan.  In any event, Archbishop Dolan is much friendlier to traditional aspirations as depicted in the above photo than the Bernardin protege ever would be.]

We heard from Ray Marshal that Bill Donahue is tickled pink and gives his hearty endorsement, but we still can't forget that he cheered on Jesuitical homosexual promoters, earlier this year.  Baroque chasubles are fashionable this year, but cheese head gear was fashionable at another time

Photo: from, here with biography, what a Bishop should be wearing.