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Monday, January 11, 2010

Thiberville: Victoire!

It just got reported that after a talk with the Nuncio, Archbishop Ventura, the local ordinary of the Diocese, Bishop Norrichard is going to allow Father Michel to continue his ministry.

The uproard started when the liberal Bishop Norrichard wanted to stop the popular and traditional priest, Fr. Michel from continuing his ministry. He came to deliver this unhappy news in a homo colored rainbow chasuble and the people rebelled and went somewhere else for Mass.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Anglo-Catholic reflects on the events Thiberville

The response to the usual ecclesiastical bullying on the part of modernist ordinaries at places like Thiberville has precedent in history. At some point people get fed up and decide to do something against the effrontery of a class of sneering ecclesiastics who wish merely to subvert and destroy. Their sly jibes, administrative demotion of actual Catholicism, petty persecution of its exponents is designed to make Catholicism go away while they wed what remains of its physical plant to the predominant secular vision; it would explain why so many of them are so keen on advocating the same sorts of things throughout the world, as if a mock magisterium were giving some order to their efforts on behalf of the religion of man. Again, it's the part of Catholics to resist these things.

It reminds us of that time when the SSPX stormed and took over a church not so long ago. This is a response they don't expect.

The Anglo-Catholic

The events of Thiberville have provoked me to a reflection about the pastoral ministry in the diocese and the parish. I find parishes and pastoral matters as fascinating as theology and liturgy. I think this issue is highly relevant in our present Anglican communities and the future Ordinariates we hope to become in the near future. I have touched upon the issue of Thiberville, which is not that of the traditionalist reaction, but rather a conflict between two ecclesiologies and pastoral visions. We are moving towards the communion of the Catholic Church and must be open-eyed about what this means, both at the level of the Universal Church and the local diocesan Churches.

We know that what is distinctly Catholic about the Church is the liturgical and sacramental life that owes everything to the Apostolic Priesthood. If there were no priesthood, there would be no Eucharist, and without the Eucharist, there is no community or communion. This Catholic notion of the Church is founded upon the presence of the incarnate Christ in the Church on earth.


This is the war, the battle, the real enemy we have to fight with spiritual weapons. That is why the Pope needs traditional Anglicans as much as he needs traditional Catholics and the Orthodox. All hands on deck!

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