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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Benedictines of Nursia Have Made an Album

(Rome)  The traditional Benedictines of the Cloister of Nursia in central Italy have published a "Christmas Gift" Hymns and Antiphons of the Gregorian Chorale.  The Monks, who have lived just a bit more than twelve years together in the Benedictine Cloister in the home town of the founder of the order, Benedict of Nursia in 480, have made an album with Gregorian music on it.  The 21 pieces may be ordered on the internet site of the Cloister in MP3 and downloaded.  The Prior of the Cloister, Dom Cassiano Folsom OSB, describes it as a "little sign of thanks" for the help of benefactors and friends of the monastic community, which is subject to the Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei.  It was not done like a studio production, but in excerpts of the monks during the liturgical celebrations in the Cloister.

The Benedictines of Nursia celebrate exclusively the Immemorial Mass of All Ages [Which they consistently describe as "extraordinary Form"].  They are also entrusted to other Mass locations in Nursia and beyond in the "Old Rite".

1. Hymnus, Audi Benigne Conditor Nostras
2. Antiphon , Ecce Nunc Tempus Acceptabile
3. Hymnus , Lustris Sex Qui Iam Peractis
4. Antiphon , Scriptum Est Enim
5. Antiphon , Angelus Autem Domini
6. Antiphon , Et Ecce Terræmotus
7. Antiphon , Erat Autem
8. Antiphon , Præ Timore Autem Eius
9. Antiphon , Respondens Autem Angelus
10. Hymnus , Aurora Lucis Rutilat
11. Antiphon , In Illa Die
12. Antiphon , Iucundare filia Sion exsulta
13. Antiphon , Ecce Dominus Noster
14. Antiphon , O Sapientia
15. Hymnus , Conditor Alme Siderum
16. Antiphon , O Admirable Commercio
17. Antiphon , Hodie Cælesti Sponso
18. Hymnus , Æterne Rerum Conditor
19. Hymnus , O Lux Beata Trinitas

Monday, April 30, 2012

Coincidence? St. Pope Pius X's Coat of Arms Resemble New Patriarch's

(Venice) The Spanish Vaticanist José Fernández de la Cigoña has published on his blog La cigüeña de la torre the coat of arms of the sainted Pope, Pius X and those of the newly appointed Patriarch of Venice, Msgr Francesco Moraglia, appointed as the new Patriarch of Venice on January 31st.  Both have elements of the honorific of the Patriarchate of Venice.  Giuseppe Melchiore Sarto,  the former Pope Pius X, adopted these arms from 1896-1903, which was once associated with the world famous palace chapel of the Doge of Venice.

The Patriarch, Francesco Moraglia, whose chosen coat of arms upon taking his chair as Patriarch on the 25th of March,  correspond almost congruently with the arms of Pius X, who as his predecessor 115 years ago, occupied the same office.

The arms show the golden lion of St. Mark in the upper part on a silver field.  The lower part shows a golden star in the upper half of the light blue field (heaven), which symbolizes the Virgin Mary, the eight points themselves represent the number of the beatitudes. In the lower half is the alternating dark blue and silver of the churning sea and a black anchor [chastity].  The only difference between the arms of Pius X is a crenelated silver wall with an open gate arch between heaven and the sea, which is a play on the new name of the new Patriarch.

The Spanish Vaticanist suspects that this is not an accident, as far as what will be confirmed.  The coat of arms  was greeted by the new Patriarch of Venice in a conscious imitation of his predecessor, Giuseppe Melchiorre Cardinal Sarto, the later Pope Pius X, as he himself stated.  "That doesn't look bad to me. On the contrary", so says Cigoña

Patriarch Moraglia, born in 1953, from Genoa, was ordained a priest by Giuseppe Cardinal Siri.  He is considered to be a Sirian and a Ratzingerian and is expected to be named a Cardinal in the next Consistorium, which will probably take place at the end of 2013.

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