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Friday, May 2, 2014

Pope Francis and Vatican Speaker Lombardi: "I'm Running Behind and Trying Not to Wreck Anything"

Deny Everything!
(Vatican) Pope Francis' controversial call to  an Argentine who is civilly married  to a man  already married in the Church, continues to provide for discussions. Officially, the phone call was not confirmed with Jaqueline Lisboa Sabetta until today, but was also not denied.  Indirectly, it has been confirmed by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi on April 24. To the content of the conversation, which was only made public by Lisboa Sabetta's husband - straightway -  the Vatican did not want to take a position.  [We translated the bottom one.]

Pope a "Great Communicator": If He Wants Someone to Say Something, he Picks up the Phone

Now Vatican spokesman Lombardi has remarked yet again about the "new papal telephone ministry" (Dom Ariel Levi di Gualdo).At the end of a communication seminar of the Pontifical University of Santa Croce was held in Rome, Lombardi took a position. Pope Francis was "a great communicator". He has some spontaneity in communication, which "breaks barriers," said Father Lombardi. The Pope was "a person who has no boxes that isolate. He doesn't have them whether he is on and off a train in a jeep and drives around the place, or if he takes children into his arms or prompts others to approach. And he doesn't have them in daily life: If he wants to tell someone something, then he picks up the phone and tells him. That is what is therefore a very characteristic aspect. "

Suggested Treating With "Caution": No "Implications for  Church Teachings"

However, the Vatican spokesman Lombardi warned: "One  can now and then make necessary clarifications. We say: Warning, what can only really be said of these things is they are to be treated with caution, because who knows if what someone says who has received a phone call, or is sufficiently trustworthy. Therefore, it should be taken with great caution, without drawing conclusions that go beyond those confidential, personal cases, so there can not be conclusions concerning the teaching of the Church. "

"I'm Running Behind and Trying Not to Wreck Anything"

In his role as Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi said that he was "on duty"'m the person for whom he is to communicate. He had the presence of Pope Francis already for Pope Benedict XVI. made. To the needs of this person he had to adapt. Pope Francis "is a great communicator" and "I run after him and try not to wreck," which he communicates not only with words but also with gestures.

"Frequent Short" Encounters - "Have Not Seen Everything From Pope Francis"

The collaboration between Father Lombardi and the Pope consists of "frequent, but short, quick" encounters.  Compared to earlier  direct contact is not always necessary with the Secretary of State now. In some cases there is also the need for "direct contact".  "In the afternoon, he meets many people in Santa Marta, there are personal and private meetings," which often take place past the State Secretariat and the Prefecture of the Papal Household. To know then what happens, the Vatican's spokesman has  direct contact with the Pope then.
"We have not yet seen all of the communication of Pope Francis," said Father Lombardi, referring particularly to the upcoming visits by the Pope in the Holy Land and to South Korea. The Vatican spokesman speaks in this context of "new stages in the communication of the Holy Father's message to the world." There is therefore, says Lombardi, probably still "many things that we need, I think, to learn and see."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Inside
Trans: Tancred