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Sunday, April 7, 2013

John Paul II Square Will be Dedicated by Pope Before Enthronement

And they found something in old storage.
This Sunday, Pope Francis will take possession of the Lateran Basilica of Rome.  Shortly before the actual enthronement occurs, however, there will be another ceremony: the square in front the Roman General Vicarate, which has been called “Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano”, will be renamed “Largo Beato Giovanni Paolo II”.  Pope Francis will unveil the new street sign on Sunday at 5pm, which will be followed by a solemn Mass in the Basilica of St. John Lateran for the enthronement of Pope Francis on the See of Rome.

John Paul II, the predecessor of the current Pope had died after a long illness on April 2 of 2005  On May 1st of 2011, he was beatified after one of the shortest processes of Church history.  An inscription on the plaque will recall this date.  At the ceremony, among other things, the Cardinal Vicar of the Diocese of Rome, Agostino Vallini, and the Roman mayor Gianni Alemanno will be present.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pope to Be Enthroned on Sunday, April 7

Edit: We were wondering when Pope Francis was going to be enthroned in his basilica. Here it is. The ceremony will take place tomorrow. It will be interesting to see the pageantry.

The ceremony takes place on Sunday 7 April at 17:30, in St. John Lateran. Pope Francis will co-celebrate the mass with Cardinals Vallini and Ruini


Tomorrow at 17:30 CET, Pope Francis will celebrate a solemn Eucharist and his enthronement as Bishop of Rome in the Arch-Basilica of St. John Lateran, the Cathedral of the Diocese of Rome. Cardinal Vicar, Agostino Vallini, Emeritus Vicar, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Bishops’ Council of the Diocese and the Council of Parish Prefects will be co-celebrating. Also attending will be Rome’s priest and students from the city’s Major and Minor Seminaries, the Redemptoris Mater, the Almo Collegio Capranica and the Oblates of the Oblates of Our Lady of Divine Love, as well as members of the Pontifical Chapel, in accordance with the Motu Proprio “Pontificalis Domus”. Communion will be offered by 75 permanent deacons and the Choir of the Diocese of Rome will offer musical accompaniment to the liturgy.

The Pope will be enthroned before the start of mass. After the enthronement, some Diocese representatives will pledge obedience and filial devotion to him on behalf of the Church of Rome. Representatives include: Cardinal Vicar Agostino Vallini; Mgr. Filippo Iannone; Vicar to Capitulate, Mgr. Luca Brandolini; Mgr. Pasquale Silla, parish priest of Santa Maria del Divino Amore in Rome’s Castel di Leva area (dean of parish priests); Fr. Daniele Natalizi, parish vicar of Santa Maria Assunta and San Michele in Rome’s Castel Romano area (the youngest in terms of ordination and age, he was ordained in 2012); Fr. Gianpaolo Pertici, Permanent Dean of the Nativita' di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo parish, in the Appio Latino district; Fr. Marco Bellachioma, a member of the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor Conventual and diocesan secretary of the Italian Conference of Major Superiors (CISM); Sister Maria Giuseppina Abruzzini, a Salesian nun and diocesan secretary of the Union of Italian Major Superiors (USMI); Marco and Monica Curzi’s family with their four children: Francesco (11), Marta (10), Alessandro (9) and Paolo (6); Sofia Presciutti and Massimo Presti from the Diocese of Rome’s young people’s pastoral service.

The liturgy will be celebrated by 13 Seminarists from Roman Pontifical Major Seminary along with 2 Roman Seminarists from the Almo Collegio Capranica and assistant deacons Alberto Daniel Lopez Pantano (of Argentinean origin) and Fr. Giuseppe Conforti, both of whom will be ordained presbyters for the Diocese of Rome this coming 21 April.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pope Francis Has Not Been Enthroned in His Basilica

Edit: While Pope Francis seems to be on the brink of committing a liturgical abuse in his Holy Thursday Liturgy at a juvenile detention center, and has congratulated the Archbishop of Canterbury  on his own enthronement, the Argentine pope has some unfinished business in addition to that, and perhaps it will be left that way too. Pope Francis has not yet taken possession of his Cathedral, St. John Lateran.  Usually, the seat is occupied in a solemn enthronement Mass not too many days after the inauguration.

Could this be part of Francis attempt to unthrone the Papacy and present himself only as a primus inter pares to the world than Christ’s Vicar on Earth?  Certainly it is the case that his election has been met with almost delirious approval on the part of many undesirable personalities in the modern Church.

A faithful commenter reports:

The Ordo Rituum pro Ministerii Petrini Initio Romae Episcopi thus approved in 2005 contains not only the rite of the Mass of the Inauguration, but also that of the Mass of the Enthronement of the new Pope on the Cathedra Romana, the chair of the Bishop of Rome, in the Lateran Basilica, Rome's cathedral and the Roman Catholic Church's primary Basilica, outranking even the Vatican Basilica. Popes usually take possession of the Lateran Basilica within a few days of the inauguration of the pontificate. Pope Benedict XVI did so on 7 May 2005. This rite, known in Latin as the incathedratio, is the last ceremony marking the accession of a new Supreme Pontiff.