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Saturday, August 10, 2013

1,200 Year Old Monastery Plan to be Implemented

Meßkirch (Catholic news / RV). The monastery of St. Gallen is to be rebuilt for the first time according to its famous plan of the 9th Century. The German Meßkirch Project is to be realized 20 kilometers north of Lake Constance, 30 kilometers from the Swiss border. The construction period is expected to last around 40 years, reports the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" on Wednesday. On the 24-hectare community ground arises the first replica of the famous St. Gall Monastery plan from the 9th Century. As seed money for the project, 1.2 million euro are available - thanks to contributions from the European Union, the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, of county and township, which has leased the site for 59 years to its support. After four years, the project must be self-supporting; 120,000 visitors are required with an entry fee of 9 euros.

Photo: Church window - Source: Andreas Gehrmann

Kathnews... and Spiegel Edit: sadly, although they are using the 9th century building methods, it doesn't appear they will be using real Monks.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Means Nothing: Bishop Agitates Against Teaching of John Paul II

The Conciliar Church is when ravening wolves are appointed by the Pope as Diocesan Bishops and become the bane of the laity.  A true Conciliar Pope is also on the lookout if the wolf bares his teeth and attacks the faith.

Protestants Show how women's ordination put their denominations in the lead.

(, Sankt Gallen) Today the "official announcers of the good news from catechism to the small exception of women".

The Old Liberal Bishop Markus Buchel of Saint Galen said this for the newspaper 'PfarreiForum'  -- the Old Liberal Pastoral Paper for about ninety Parishs in the Diocese of St. Galen.

Men are leaving the Church

As a child he would have been "not able to imagine that the first communion -- or instruction of Penance would ever have been handled by a woman and not a Priest"  -- said the Prelate.

Now the women are dominant members today even in the various offices, in Sacristan or as ministers:

"One has forgotten very quickly was things were like earlier and how much has already happened" --- enthused the Diocesan Bishop.

For Msgr Buchel, woman make up the social work or instruction, of a supposedly "feminine Church".

For womens ordination he says, that will be less simple to accomplish than married priests.  Because a woman's ordination has never happened in the Church.

The question of women's ordination is explained

Bishop Buchel wants "to seek steps", toward what is -- contradiction in the Gospel --  women's ordination.

So he could imagine that the non-existent "diaconate of women" could be such a step.

He needs for this -- publicly dissolved -- question, which could not be "with the others in a day", because of "a certain stubbornness".

In reality the Pope John Paul II († 2005)had already written infallibly on May 1994 in an Apostolic Address 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis', that priestly ordination is restricted to men.

How long can the Church afford such bishops?

Actually, Msgr Buchel is only very hazy about this that the impossibility of women's ordination has been declared with dogmatic certainty.

He represents  the fact as if "one" has "only a while" to await the suppposed women's ordination.

But "in the currenct society" the Church could "not take afford" to say that one "must not discuss such things" -- said the Bishop, distorting things.

In actually the Church in today's society can't afford office holders, who do not hold to the teachings of the Church or try to make them relative.

Women's ordination for the Swiss national Church?
Msgr Buchel would like questions like women's ordination not to be decided centrally for the whole Church.

This is the direction of the "world Church":  "We should be in unity -- explained the Bishop and contradicted himself at the same time: "but not overall unity".

In other countries there are unities which "already haven't been any more" in existence.

The Second Vatican Council was described by Msgr Buchel as a "break".

After that there is supposedly a "restorative, clericalistic phase" to come -- he fantacized.

Bishop Buchel would like women  "to be be encouraged", to take up and assume the priestly image of the decadent post-conciliar time.

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