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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parish Administratress "Apologizes" For Church's Treatment of Sodomy

Editor: The Sisters of St. Joseph Crandolet are representative of one of the most rotted out derelict fetid corpses of religious life in the world, or ever. What's a woman doing running things anyway?  The way the Church has treated them?  How about the way they treat each other?

“For the way the Church has treated them”
Pastoral coordinator at Palm Springs parish apologizes to homosexuals

A woman religious who serves as pastoral coordinator at the largest Catholic parish in Palm Springs has apologized for the way some Church leaders have treated homosexuals, comparing them to the Japanese unjustly interred during World War II and African-Americans in the Deep South before the civil rights movement.

Sister Diane Smith, a member of the sisters of Saint Joseph Carondolet, is pastoral coordinator at St. Theresa Parish in Palm Springs. Pastoral coordinators, appointed by the bishop, administer parishes when no priest to available to serve as pastor. It is a means by which some bishops deal with the priest shortage.

Sr. Smith’s apology was published in the Sunday, May 29, parish bulletin. Sr. Smith referenced an email she had received from a woman, presumably Catholic, who had made making amends to homosexuals “for the way the Church has treated them” one of her goals in life. “I have been deeply touched that so many of our gay and lesbian community have stayed in the church as active participants not only at worship but in the many ministries here at St. Theresa,” wrote Sr. Smith. “I, too, would like to apologize on behalf of the Church. For anyone who has been hurt by a member of Church leadership I also apologize.”

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Friday, April 1, 2011

St. Catherine's "Catholic" College, Money Well Spent

Larger viewStudy: Few women advancing to top positions in Minn. companies

by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio
April 1, 2011

St. Paul, Minn. — A St. Catherine University study has found women are making little progress in winning seats on Minnesota corporate boards or moving into the executive suite.
The study found women hold only about 14 percent of the available seats on the boards of Minnesota's 100 biggest public companies. That's in line with the findings of the researchers' studies done in 2008 and 2009.
Professor Rebecca Hawthorne said CEOs have to do more to see that women advance up the corporate ladder

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Josh Guimond, Disappeared Eight Years and the Tragedy of "Catholic" Education and Gay Teenager Newspaper Editor at Catholic Highschool

Missing for Eight Long Years
It's obvious that the corruption of the young continues to this day in allegedly Catholic schools, obvious that is to many, but not the boards, the Religious Orders once entrusted to educate the young, the Chanceries, the parents who unwisely send their children to these schools and thereby participate in the corruption, and ultimately a surrounding debased society which has no culture, no sense of shame, no fear of God.  We know this tragic story is almost a decade long, but how long must these ecclesiastical charlatans receive the approbation and trust to educate the young with their imposture of Catholicism?

 Benilde-St. Margaret's with the hyphenated name of a prosperous divorcee, is a combined, and unfortunately, co-ed school founded by the Christian Brothers and Sisters of St. Joseph Carondolet with strong "Benedictine" influences while it receives spiritual and intellectual support from the Modernist Monastery which was recently so rude and disobedient to Archbishop Nienstedt in their "Rainbow Sashes", but now, the student newspaper has decided to publish its views on the Archbishop's DVD and deny that he has any right to teach.  To the credit of the posh but culturally debased, suburban school, the offending and poorly written editorial was removed.  Unlike the editor of this blog, we don't feel that the piece was particularly well-written, but it is cause for concern about what kind of job is being done to educate the young and who might be encouraging this young man to express himself in this way.

Do these leftist termites have any business educating children?  It's been eight years since Josh Guimond disappeared, and the deception at St. John's Abbey continues.

One of the suspects and a homosexual predator himself, Father Bruce Wollmering, dies a traumatic and violent death on Abbey grounds.

Editor:  We erred.  Benilde St. Margret's is a school which is an insalubrious combination of a boy's academy run by the "Christan Brothers" known as Benilde and St. Margret's, its counterpart, which was an all-girls school run by the now almost completely extinct and heretical Sisters of St. Joseph Crandolet.  We thank you for your kind solicitation and patience.

Ugly Architecture and Faux Catholicism Combine to Deform Minds in St. Louis Park