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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Soutane is A Sign of the Avant-garde of the New Clergy

Editor: The Soutane is a prayer.

An outer sign of the inner decay of the Presbyterium

Father Hendrick Jole in Interview: The Soutane is the sure sign of the avant-garde of the new clergy.

[] "I decided some years ago to wear the soutane," says the Mainz Priest, Father Hendrick Jolie, on Monday in an interview with Linz website, ''.

Father Jolie sees the priestly robe in connection with Benedict XVI's approach to the "hermeneutic of continuity":

"The Pope maintains with this formula that there are not "two Churches" -- one before and one after the Council, rather one Roman Catholic Church."

That is also the reason, according to Father Jolie, why Benedict XVI. has rehabilitated the Old Mass and has explained the Council in the light of Tradition.

He quotes the Pope: "What was holy to previous generations, remains for Holy and great for us as well."

Father Jolie forsees the conclusion in that: "In the sense of the Hermeneutic of the continuity the Soutane is neither pre- or post-Conciliar."

One must take insults in stride

The Soutane is much more suitable -- "and it is shown itself to be very practical" -- to afford the opportunity, to make the spiritual stand out visibly in public.

It makes the man also more concerned, that the Priest is "other":

"That is often lumped together as being "reactionary" or "conservative", and I take that in stride."

Actually: "Priests, who observe with Pope Benedict the hermeneutic of continuity are neither conservative nor progressive."

Father Jolie sees in them the avant-garde of the new clergy.

A sad sign of disobedience

The Clergyman points out that the law of the Church requires that a priest is obligated (duty bound) to wear priestly clothing:

"For that reason there is a sad sign of disobedience and the disunity of the clergy, if the priest ignores this duty."

That is for Father Jolie an outer sign of the decay of the presbyterium.

For: "Wherever priests are not in unity with each other, they fail also to be united with their flocks.


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