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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pope Francis: "Friend of Sigmund Freud"

Sigmund Freud and Pope Francis
(Milan) Pope Francis was not awarded this year with the Nobel Peace Prize. Otherwise, "can the distinctions in the various juries and the variety of merits for Jorge Mario Bergoglio not count," said Sandro Magister of Vaticanist.
Last year, the Argentine was Pope from Time magazine has named "Man of the Year". Doubtful was the same award from leading gay-Journal The Advocate . 
Few know, for example, that Pope Francis since last spring is an Honorary Member of the Società Amici del Pensiero - Sigmund Freud  (SAP).
The "Society of Friends of Thought - Sigmund Freud" was founded by Milan Psychoanalyst Giacomo Contri, who is also President of the company. Contri was known primarily as a translator and editor of the works of Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud into Italian.
Contri is Catholic and maintains contacts with that Roman circle of Communion and Liberation (CL) introduced in  2012  in the monthly magazine 30Days which had close contacts already with  Archbishop Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires and today is one of the most ardent supporters of the reigning Pope.
"The Gnostic threat returns to reduce the historical and transform the real person of Christ by means to a banalizing operation of a universal principle," Contri said in an interview that he gave to Stefania Falasca  in 1992 for 30Days, that "friend" whom  Pope Francis called on the telephone upon  the evening of his election as pope.
In another interview for the same magazine, Contri diagnosed the health of the Church in 2001: "It is all a matter of thinking and thus  competence. If there is something missing in the Church of Christ, then it is thinking of Christ." 30Days  also has a German edition. in edition to other langugaes. In a past issue of 5/2012, the magazine also printed a statement by Cardinal Bergoglio.
At the end of March Pope Francis was awarded the title "Friend of Sigmund Freud" an  honorary membership of the SAP.The eulogy  was held Giacomo Contri. The ceremony took place in the absence of the Pope. The  Catholic Church leader has been informed in advance, said the SAP chairman and the Pope was given the opportunity to decline the honor. Because there was no response from  Rome, this was taken from the SAP as tacit consent. How, then, that sits with the Pope  and whether he knows about it, is left undecided. The ceremony and eulogy were at any rate, published by SAP on the Internet. Here is the speech in full.

An Honorary Member
of the "Società Amici del Pensiero - Sigmund Freud"
to Pope Francis

Saturday-Sunday 22 / 23rd March 2014
"anno 157 post in Freud amicum natum" .
I bring Pope Francis the title of a member "honoris causa" of the "Società Amici del Pensiero - Sigmund Freud" (SAP).

The basis for this is what I find in a recent interview 1 :
"I do not like the ideological interpretations of a certain Pope Francis myth. If one says, for example, he'll go at night from the Vatican to bring food to the homeless in the Via Ottaviano. It's never crossed my mind. Sigmund Freud once said, if I'm not mistaken, that there is also a hidden aggression in any idealization. To draw the Pope as a kind of superman, who is a kind of star seems offensive to me. The Pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps quietly and has friends like everyone. A normal human being. "
Many years ago I was planning one of the books that I have never written. It bore the title: "Freud and Lacan in the Rome of the Popes".
Today, I will come back from the surprising fact that the now reigning Pope Francis, has properly quoted Freud without reservation and  no other. An opportunity for me to repeat my earlier quip: "If Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, Freud sits on his left."

My observation is correct, because they are the only ones in history who spoke positively of the Father: the Second also talked about the terrible version that was called by Lacan later "père-version".
I was thus helped to remain Catholic, without the historical religious and theological overhang that was missing from Jesus.
The Pope has acted as a member of the SAP,  in which he has expressed his thoughts and Freud is the basis for this.
NB: Even Jesus is "a normal person".
Gicomo Contri
Società Amici del Pensiero - Sigmund Freud :
Text / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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