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Monday, July 16, 2012

Catholic University of Leuven Withdraws Bishops' Voting Right

The five episcopal board members will only undertake an advisory function in the future, but may not decide on scientific projects like stem cell research.

Brussels/Leuven (  In Belgium the Catholic University of Leuven has revoked its voting rights on the highest board of the University.  The five bishop members of the board will play only an advisory role in the future,  but may not decide over scientific projects like stem cell research, reported the Belgian media of the University's  leadership.  Among the 30 persons included on the board also belongs the President of the Belgian Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard von Mechelen-Brüssel.

The University explained in reports, that this decision took place after long consideration. The Catholic University was indeed founded by the Bishops, but now according to its new mission statement will continue independently regardless. For that reason the word "Catholic" in the name of the University also comes under discussion. The current board decided to use the official designation KU Leuven. The >>K<< should in any case not be obligatory. Internationally, the name "University of Leuven" will be used.

According to reports, the University stressed its independence in its new mission statement. An independent administration is an essential precondition for academic freedom.

The reason for the initiative was brought among other things by statements of Archbishop Leonard in 2010. The Bishops' President had described AIDS as a consequence of misconduct and described it as a form of >>imminent justice<<.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordly Nobel Laureate Praises the Church and the Pope

Now there are Pope Books Which Don't Make one Yawn.

The Church must not effect an internal democracy, in order to qualify as an integral part of a so-called Democracy.

( The socially liberal Peruvian Nobel Laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa (75) has humanly and morally gone to the dogs.
Mario Vargas Llosa

He lives in concubinage, is Godless, defends the violence of abortion and the murderous abortifacient pill.

He knows about as much about legislating as the whale knows about ice skating.

However, there has been a brief flash of light in the darkness of his soul.

This is according to the Church-hate journalist Paul Ingendaay (50) yesterday in the 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung'.

Tight lipped and grumpy

Vargas Llosa had "enjoyed" the Madrid Pope Visit.

He found that so many happy, charming people singing and dancing to celebrate the Pope was beautiful.

The writer commented on the Pope's visit in his regular editorial for the Spanish Church-hate Newspaper, 'El Pais'.

He is to have "this effect on "the tight-lipped, grumpy Spanish clergy" -- said the poisonous Ingendaay with an unqualified hatred which did an injustice to Vargas Llosa.

One should rework Ingendaay's formulation on the tongue:

"He surely didn't have much effect on the tight-lipped, grumpy Spanish Rabbis." How does that sound coming from the mouth of a German?

That's what the Church is there for -- at least for Vargaas Llosa

Vargas Llosa described how hate-demonstrators and woman haters in Madrid threw condoms at some girls praying in public.

The Church has a moral panoply, said Vargas Llosa, which is even for those, who do not follow Her teachings.

She offers an ethical measuring stick in times where lust, shameless egoism and corruption dominates the public sphere.

That is exactly why the Church is there.

Science and Culture have Failed

The Catholic Church must not effect an inner Democracy, in order to qualify as an integral part of the --- so-called --- democracy, wrote the writer.

A democratic Church is in any event only "a dream".

The Church as an authoritarian, not uncongenial institution, strengthens the commonwealth whose worldly epistemic effects like Science or Culture are proven to be worthless without it.

So long as the Church grasps at no political power and the political power does not constrain the Church while maintaining its neutrality, religion is not only allowable in a Democratic society, but it's indispensable.

The Pope has convinced him to have been, "possibly the most educated and intelligent Pope, which the Church has had in a very long time."

Vargas Llosa has read a few of the Pope's books, without yawning.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

German diocese creates ‘Santa-free zone’

German diocese creates ‘Santa-free zone’

Speyer, Germany, Nov 11, 2009 / 05:09 pm (CNA).- In an effort to encourage people to replace the commercialization of the Christmas season with a true devotion to Advent, Christmas and the “true Santa Claus,” several groups within the German Diocese of Speyer have initiated a “Santa-free campaign.”

The Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) of Speyer has partnered with other organizations to champion the cause of St. Nicholas of Myra, a friend and helper of children and those in trouble. St. Nicholas, whose feast is celebrated on December 6, represents the good side of man: selflessness, charity and selfless service, the campaign says.