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Thursday, May 28, 2020

"Former" East German Government Demands Parents Fill Out "Health Certificate" Form or Risk Losing Custody

Edit: It looks like the German government of Saxony is threatening to take children away from those who don't comply with filling out a "health certificate" form for their children and handing it in to the Commissar. If parents forget or just don't want to do this, the state can take action, including taking the children from their custody. This is a new level of Communist level non-sense. It wouldn't be surprising to see things like this in Saxony, which was part of East Germany. Is the East German State feeling nostalgic for days of yore? 

 Thanks to my reader who sent this to me, and Eyore at Vlad Tepes.  Originally from RAIR Foundation.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Protestants Excommunicate Critics of Homosexuality

© Miebner, Wikipedia, CC
Who says that Protestants don't believe in anything any more?  Whoever doesn't agree with protestantic homosexual disorder may not come to the Lord's Supper.

(  Ute Brause (51)  is the wife of the Protestant Preacher Gerald Brause.  He is active in Ossling and Grossgrabe in the Church district of Bautzen.  The couple has been married for 28 years.

Because of the decision of Saxony's Protestants allow homosexual couplings in their parish residences, Frau Brause left the Protestant community.

It had become clear to her that she had to obey God rather than men -- she explained this on August 28th at the Protestant site ''.

She lost her job

After her departure Frau Brause informed her employer -- that the Protestant "Diakonische Werk" in the 17,000 population city Kamenz -- about the step

Within one and a half weeks later she was given notice.

The work hires associations who are not members of the Protestant community also.

The Protestant Lay-Bishop Had No Understanding

At the same time the Brauses received an invitation to a talk with the Saxon Homosexual Lay-Bishop Jochen Bohl in Dresden.

"He made it clear that he didn't understand  act of conscience, which brought me to leave the church" --  Frau Brause told ''.

Bohl wrote a letter to her husband that his wife may no longer approach the Lord's Table.

The Protestagay-Lay Bishop Threatened

The homosexual Lay-Bishop openly threatens:  Should Frau Brause thereon participate in the Lord's Table,  this could create a "difficult situation" for her husband.

Pastor Brause was ordained still in the DDR [The old Communist East Germany].

"Even the atheistic State itself respected that Christians held to the Bible" -- he told ''.

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