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Monday, October 12, 2015

Archbishop FÜLÖP KOCSIS: The Synod Must Name Satan as the Chief Adversary of the Family

Edit: this translation is from VOTF.

[Voice of the Family] I am focusing my observation on paragraph 8 of chapter 1, but in truth I sense a general deficiency in the text as a whole, the lack of something that should penetrate our vision regarding these themes. For this reason, I could still indicate all of the paragraphs that, analyzing the contemporary situation, speak of a changed society and epoch, calling these difficulties which have appeared in recent times “challenges.”

It appears to me that the text misses a clarification which is more precise from its inception, from the root of these changes: from where do they come? The great part of these are not compatible with the plan of God; they do not come from Him. If it is thus, then it must be said: From where do these changes, these difficulties, derive?

We must say with clarity that in our very spoilt world the family and the man of good will with good intentions is under attack, under a ferocious and enormous attack. And this attack is of the Devil. We must call these diabolic forces which have a role to play with these phenomena by name because this way we can find some indications even for the research of possible solutions.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2nd review of Injustice Against Father Guarnizo

Edit: Just got this note from "Father Anonymous". It's been posted elsewhere, including Rorate. We'll post it here too. he was a lot more respectful to Ed Peters than I would have been. There's no telling what's going on with Father McDonald.

Canon Law Info

 Father Anonymous Responds

 I would like to take a moment to thank Father Stuart MacDonald and Doctor Ed Peters for their ready willingness to dialogue regarding the canonical case of Father Guarnizo in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. As canon lawyers, each of us sees that our canonical judgments are limited to the currently available information. The Truth is what we all seek. By way of review, my defense had two parts.

Part 1 - Father Guarnizo sufficiently satisfied the conditions for canon 915.
Part 2 - I question the canonical liceity regarding Father Guarnizo’s “administrative leave”.

 This article serves as a response to their various and thoughtful criticisms regarding certain points of my initial canonical defense of Father Guarnizo. I attempt to make my original points more explicit

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cardinal Cottier Sees the Anger of Satan in Vaticanleaks

As regards self-destructive powers in the Church and in the Vatican:  Satan is angry, because the Church is alive. A further chapter of "Vatican Leaks" turns. by Armin Schwibach

Rome (  "Benedict XVI is the structural pillar":  the newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference, "Avvenire" entitled its interview on the 21st of February with the former theologian of the Papal House, George Cardinal Cottier (90).  In his address before the Consistory last week the Cardinal expressed himself on the most recent scandal in the wake of "leaks", through a confidential document from various posts of the Roman Curia were to the outside.

Although it seemed that the problems were solved primarily by the security services of the Vatican, the problem and those responsible have been identified, and the story of "Vatican Leaks" will have a sequen this Wednesday on the 22nd of February.  The TV channel "La7", which three weeks ago had broken the story of a letter with revelations of the former Secretary of the Governorate of the Vatican City State, and today's Nuncio to the United States, Carlo Maria Vigano', and his criticism of "corruptoin", he ascribed in the Vatican, will now interview one of the moles in the Vatican.

As far as this, the mole has also to disclose the motives of the "spies" and their number, which is given  in total about 20. What is clearly brought to the fore is that this is not the result of a "media campaign" but that the colleagues of the Pope in the Curia break their oaths of office and wage their own campaigns in the media.[!]  Why is this happening?  From anger or tedium, this is what the "mole" says in an interview with the show "Gli INtoccabili" (The Untouchables).

Probably it goes perhaps something more of what Cardinal Cottier pointed out in his interview with "Avvenire".  Benedict XVI does not allow himself to be daunted by the thunder storm and flood, which has the intention to shake the Church, because: he knows that the foundation will outlast the superficiality of this aspect.  Cottier had already considered the events of the last weeks during the days of the Consistorium and has contended with other Cardinals about it.

On this he has observed that he had not been the only one to have had these thoughts:  "In the past travails around the Church the work of Satan can be seen.  In the sense:  If the Church were only asleep in mediocrity or only concerned with intrigues and rivalries, the devil would not have much to do with it.  If he is interested in causing much disruption, that means that there is a vitaility in the Church, which Satan wants to oppose.  And this vitality is the power of the Faith, it is the Christian life, which advances all over the world these days."

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