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Friday, June 6, 2014

Salvatorians Host NAMBLA Supporter in Their Ranks

We received this months ago, and haven't heard anything from the Salvatorians about whether or not they were going to do anything about it.  Their superior was very defensive.  One thing that's evident to anyone who's studied this phenomenon for long is that these people never give up, but they have help.

Here's a brief history of the order from wiki. We can't imagine the founder would be happy about the way his order has been hijacked: The term Salvatorians refers to members of three religious communities: the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour, the Lay Salvatorians, and the Society of the Divine Saviour (Latin: Societas Divini Salvatoris), a Roman Catholic religious institute composed of priests, religious brothers, and seminarians. The Society was founded by Father John Baptist Jordan in Rome on December 8, 1881. As of December 2010 the Society of the Divine Saviour numbers 1,127 members and works in 40 countries around the world. Salvatorians use the post-nominal letters "SDS".

Four years ago, there was a story going around Traditionalist Catholic Blogs, including this one, concerning a novice candidate for the priesthood within the Jesuit Order. It also appeared on some of the more high profile blogs, like the pusillanimous  Catholic and Enjoying It, which promptly repented  for exposing the story after a flurry of criticism from the sorts of individuals it represents.

The problem person is Cormac Brisssett. Mr. Brissett has a highly questionable past, which the Jesuits either ignored or turned a blind eye to it. He had endorsed the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). While attending the University of Minnesota, he signed two petitions that were a matter of public record. One of these petitions (which was a flyer distributed throughout the University of Minnesota concerning the rights of "gay" and/or closeted men to engage in public restroom sex without fear of reprisal from law enforcement.

Some wonder   why there's a problem with sex abuse in the Catholic Church.  A lot of it has to do with the media.  Obviously, the media isn't interested in Liberal moribund religious orders doing due diligence.  They want to swoop down and exploit the abuse when and if it happens, and create the impression of a global problem, a global problem not only with Catholicism, but religious belief itself.

There are a few individuals who are spirited into the organization who are apparently untouchable.  We can't imagine that if Mr. Brissett were as devoted to Catholicism and the traditional Mass of All Ages as he is to deviant sexual inclinations, that he would have a home with the Salvatorians for long.

The petition is still apparent on-line, here.

The other petition signed, was a public letter stating that NAMBLA should be allowed to march in a gay pride parade.

Both of these documents included the name David Thorstad, the founder of NAMBLA.

Mr. Brissett left the Jesuits where he was already helping "at risk" youth in Chicago's Boy's Town area.

Seeking to be of service to young boys at risk, Cormac Brissett is trying his hand with another order, the Salvatorians.

Since being asked about their new novice the Salvatorians have taken down any information about Mr. Brisette and have refused to give any information as to his current status. Nor have they explained why someone with Cormac's associations, both current and present, why he would want to be involved with children. Wouldn't it be better if he joined a contemplative order, where he had a more humble job if he feels he has a serious vocation? Why does anyone, especially someone who has a past wrapped up in promoting sexuality between adults and children, want to be involved with them. Even more pressing, why would people in positions of authority want someone like that in their order, representing that order, and having contact with children?

We managed to save Mr. Brissett's bio from the Salvatorian's homepage where he professes his admiration for the depraved NAMBLA member Allan Ginsberg and another deviant, David Sederis. Even if his activism on behalf of pederasty weren't evident (He gave an interview with famed novelist and pederasty advocate Edmund White, where the latter outlined the historical scope of such things, while endorsing them).  And he's concerned about human trafficking?  Like Oscar Wilde's penchant for underage male prostitutes? For someone who claims to have a religious vocation, he surely is worldly.  We'd say a religious vocation is more centered on a craving to cause scandal.   For he is clearly an advocate of aberrosexual activism, which also doesn't bother his superiors:

 Check Mr. Brisstt's profile for the Salvatorians. [It's dead]

The Salvatorians can be contacted, here.

Society of the Divine Savior
1735 N. Hi-Mount Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 258-1735