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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Byproduct of Modernist Abbey Pleads Guilty to Molestation

Mr. Feeney minored in “theology” at St. John’s University.
Edit: as aforementioned, a devious predator has been sentenced with extensive contacts to a Modernist Monastery.  Now it looks like he’s going to be going to prison for a long time.

In a related story, Father Jerome Tupa, a pornographic “artist” has displayed his work at a St. Joseph Parish after the Palm Sunday Vigil.

An alumnus of the St. John's University, Mathew David Feeney, run by the Monastery of St. John's Abbey, according to Pine Curtain, was recently accused of sexually abusing two boys he promised would go to Hollywood in the capacity of his talent agency, Walden Entertainment.

[Fox News] Former Twin Cities talent agent Matthew Feeney pleaded guilty to molesting children in Washington County Court Monday.

Two brothers who were working with Feeney accused the agent of touching them inappropriately. His plea means Feeney's young victims won't have to go through a trial in May, when prosecutors will ask a judge to give Feeney nine years in prison.

He admitted touching the youngest brother who was nine at the time when he slept over at his house, and admitted to molesting the older brother when he was 16.

The youngest victim, now 12, was in court. His mother spoke out in defense of her son.

"He said, ‘I hope he spends every day in prison wondering what is going to happen to him, like I used to wonder what he was going to do to me," the victim's mother said.

There was no plea deal in terms of Feeney's sentence. State guidelines call for up to nine years in prison for someone with a history like Feeney's. He was also convicted 20 years ago of three cases of sexually abusing boys when he was a Catholic church youth director and worked at a catholic youth camp.

Feeney's attorney will argue for a shorter sentence than that, but did not specify the length.

"No sentence is long enough because he'll just get out and do it again," the victim's mother said.

The time Feeney did in court Monday does may not be the end of it. He's also accused of molesting the son of a relative in Massachusetts, and due in court on those charges later this month.

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