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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Great Kapellmeister Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci is Dead

(Vatican) The Church musician Domenico Cardinal Bartoluccci is dead, who was born near Florence in 1917, the Cardinal was  head of the choir of the Sistine Chapel  from 1956 to 1997. For decades, he forged the Church music at the papal liturgies. In 2009, he gave a well receivedd interview about the liturgy. Cardinal Bartolucci was one of the priests of the Catholic Church, despite the liturgical reform of 1969/1970, who still celebrated in the Old Rite and it steadfastly clung to it till the end of his life. In 2010 Pope Benedict XVI elevated him to cardinal.
At 14, he composed his first motets, oratorios and cantatas, was organist of the church of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, and was ordained a priest in 1939 by Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa. After a period as Director of Music in Florence, church music studies in Rome and in the pastoral care of a parish priest in his home diocese Montefoscoli, his calling was to Rome. Bartolucci was first deputy choirmaster at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, from 1947, he was  choirmaster at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and from 1952 deputy director of the Sistine Chapel Choir at St. Peter's Basilica.  In 1956 Pope Pius XII appointed him, finally, as the choir director of the famous choir that sings in the celebrations of the Pope.

Keeper of the Church Musical Heritage of the West

The priest, composer, choir conductor and orchestra director is one of the most famous musicians of the 20th  Century Church. For his personal merits Pope Benedict XVI elevated him. on 20 November 2010, to the rank of Cardinal.The award for Domenico Bartolucci was a precise signal by Benedict XVI. as part of his efforts to restore the consciousness of the sacredness of the liturgy. The Church Music is a not insignificant part of it. Besides the maintenance of Gregorian chant, Bartolucci was mainly a custodian of the church musical work of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. In general, he saw his role as the preservation and maintenance of the large church musical heritage of the West.
On the occasion of his 85th Birthday, Paul Cardinal Poupard, then President of the Pontifical Council for Culture said: "Maestro Bartolucci has succeeded as a real Christian artist, making perceptible the Gospel of the risen Christ with his music and his work as a choirmaster in an engaging and fascinating way the world of spirit, and the message of the Christian faith. "

Cardinal Bartolucci Celebrated Only in the Old Rite in His LIfe

His personal attitude played a role in the '90s and led to his dismissal as head of the Sistine Chapel Choir. A decision that was frowned upon by the then Prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. As Pope, he was  demonstratively responsible for the rehabilitation Bartoluccis, especially with the 2010 survey in the cardinal's rank. The appointment of a cardinal priest, who personally rejected the liturgical reform, ensured some discontent in Church circles, which was mitigated by the fact that Monsignor Bartolucci was already 93 years old and no longer entitled to elect a pope.
In 2009 Domenico Bartolucci, then not cardinal, gave an interview which received international attention. On the occasion of his death, we would like to call this interview in remembrance and recommend to read: "What do we do with liturgists who do not know the theology?" - Interview with Msgr Domenico Bartolucci the em. Choirmaster of the Sistine Chapel .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Without Latin There Can't Be Any Decent Music: Zenit Interview With Cardinal Bartolucci

It is a double-cross:  The new Mass doesn't want beautiful music and doesn't produce therefore any musicians.  Actually without exceptional artists there is no support for church music.

(, Rom) The Church music finds itself today in a crisis.  The Honorary Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci (93) said this in his interview for 'Zenit.'

The Cardinal and composer was dismissed from his job after forty years as Director of the Cappella Sistina in 1997 by John Paul II († 2005).

His naming to Cardinal has been observed as a sign of Benedict XVI's love for Church Music.

In an interview Cardinal Bertolucci explained that music once was known as the soul of the Liturgy.

Today there are still talented youth, but the musical education is poor.

John Paul II Had Been Defenestrated Behind his Back

The Cardinal described his personal way to Music.

His father was an enthusiastic singer in the church choir.

In the Seminary, the music had been very important.  Actually his inclinations had put him far from music.  They had to be managed with special care that his study of old languages wouldn't suffer.

After that the Cardinal directed various choirs in the Roman Basilica.

In 1956 Pius XII. († 1958) named him the Director of the Sistine Chapel for life.

Pope Pius XII. loved sacred music and played the violin to rest -- said Cardinal Bartolucci.

His ouster under John Paul II was not honorable: "I found it out as my successor was named."

Today Church Music Lives on Hope

The Cardinal praises the efforts of the Choir of the Sistine Chapel up to the second Vatican Council.

Actually, things changed then:  "After the liturgical reform our contribution to Papal liturgies decreased."

For this reason the choir began to take concert tours throughout the whole world.

To the question, if Church Music would be restored to its former glory, Cardinal Bartolucci said, that it will take time:

"The Masters of earlier times are gone, because the necessity of heir existence isn't seen any more.  We live only in hope."

Benedict XVI loves the Gregorian Choral very much and wants to promote the Latin language.

The Pope knows that the repertoire of the past without Latin,  will be archived.

Cardinal Bartolucci is promoting a return to a Liturgy which makes room for music.  More importantly, the Prince of the Church longs for a return to a truly holy Art.

Cardinal Bertolucci identified his favorite musician as that master of polyphony, the Italian Composure, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina († 1594), and the German Johann Sebastian Bach († 1750).

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Queen's College Concert at St. James' Catholic Church, London

Here's an ecumenical effort that doesn't give ecumenism a bad name. Treat yourself to the glories of Catholic choral music -- sung by one of the finest ensembles in England -- breath in the holy sanctity of the incense, like aqueous clouds floating in the firmament of the Cathedral apses. It's a universe of sound and vision. Special thanks to Royalcello for the mention.

From St James's Roman Catholic Church, Spanish Place, London, with the Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford.

Versicle and Response: Deus in adjutorium (Padilla)
Rorate caeli desuper (Guerrero)
Psalms: 110, 147 - Dixit Dominus (Padilla), Lauda Jerusalem (Patino)
First Lesson: Isaiah 55
Office Hymn: The Angel Gabriel (Basque trad, arr Pettman)
Magnificat (Morales)
Second Lesson: Matthew 1 vv18-23
Nunc Dimittis (Coelho)
Homily: Prof Christopher Rowland
Anthems: Ave Maria (de Cristo); Pastores, si nos quereis (Guerrero); O magnum mysterium (Victoria); Alma redemptoris mater (Fernandez); Verbum caro factum est (Lobo)
Organ Voluntary: Tiento y discurso de segundo tono (Correa de Araujo)

Organ scholars: Benedict Lewis-Smith and Matthew Burgess
Director of music: Owen Rees.

Podcasts and audio available:

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