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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Aberrosexual "Church"

Voris addresses the diabolical charade at Catholic institutions which allow seminaries and religious houses of formation to breed hatred for the Church and its teaching.

'Bad, mean old Traditionalist Catholics pick on the long-suffering worship coordinator "Bruce".'

Voris even encourages  Catholics to withhold donations, and this is not going to be taken lightly.  Expect more ecclesiastical machinations soon.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Catholic" Blog Defends David Berger's Homosexual Deception

 Homosexual friendly clergy at "Pray, Tell" blog, hosted by some priests at a Modernist Monastery in the Midwest are focused like laser beams on what a dishonest homosexual activist from Germany and former theologian has to say about the Catholic Church and Its legitimate aspirations.  Berger's already accused the Church of hypocrisy about Its position about sodomy, why doesn't he join St. John's Abbey and all the other liberals who pose as Catholics and found their own religion?  It's ironic indeed that one of the largest centers of homosexual predators in the country if not the world also hosts a website concerned about the sexual health of Traditionalist priests.

Speaking of aspirations, Berger is enjoying almost universal praise from the anti-Catholic press.  The bloggers there, after insisting they are very familiar with Berger's work are very defensive of the homosexual charlatan.  If they ever met at St. John's Abbey for a conference, you can be assured there'd be a mutual admiration society set up.  One of the homosexual enabling blog's commenters complained that he didn't know what Berger's "professional" status in the Catholic Church is.  Well, Berger still teaches at a Catholic high school in Germany and like a lot of schools who hire active homosexuals either knowingly or unknowingly often refuse to fire them even after they've proven themselves to be less than honest.

Father Ruff rises to Berger's defense, insisting that he's read the deceptive German sodomite:

 Fr. Allan, if you haven’t read the book by Berger, perhaps you should step back from comparing it with Michael Rose’s book.

Berger is a bright theologian (doctorate in the field). I’m not so sure that Michael Rose even claims to be a theologian. Rose holds that homosexual orientation and homosexual people is the problem. We need “good men” again. Berger, rather, discusses the problematic ways people do or don’t deal with their orientation. I think this is a significant difference. I find the former homophobic, but not the latter.

I wouldn’t lump Berger and Rose together.

Yes, the latter is a lying homosexual poser, a confidence man who admitted to winning over people in Traditionalist circles to earn income while he  was living in a homosexual relationship with hiis "partner".  The former is an honorable man and was very accurate about what was going on at the Louvain, which at the latest had abandoned its Catholic identity and will be closing out in any case, due to a lack of interest in what they have to offer. 

Another blog contributor, Father Cody Unterseher is worried that this histrionic creature's book won't continue being carried by Ave Maria Press, thanks Cody:

One wonders if Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University will be courageous enough to keep Berger’s little book Thomas Aquinas & the Liturgy in print. It’s an very useful contribution, and I’d hate to see it fall victim to unnecessary and unhelpful suppression.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bill Donahue Defends Neocon Thinktank Manager

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds to an article posted on the website of today's National Catholic Reporter by Michael Sean Winters that is highly critical of Father Robert Sirico, president of the Acton Institute:

Let me first acknowledge that I consider Father Robert Sirico to be a great priest and a great friend. Anyone who knows him can testify to the depth and sincerity of his faith, as well as to his great sense of humor.

In 2007, I gladly defended Father Sirico against an attack from the right that appeared in Culture Wars; the author, Thomas J. Herron, has since passed away. Now Father Sirico is being attacked from the left by Michael Sean Winters. The central issue in both cases is the same: Sirico's gay activist years before he became a priest.

Winters tells us that in the early and mid-1970s, Sirico, who had quit Catholicism at the age of 13, became a minister and performed gay marriages. Then he had a conversion: he came back to Catholicism and eventually became a priest. No one, including Winters, has ever even hinted that he hid his past from those who accepted him back and ordained him. So what's the point? The point is that Winters, a Catholic dissident, is unhappy that Sirico is not in rebellion against the teachings of the Catholic Church. That's true, and that is why he doesn't write for the National Catholic Reporter.

What seems to be bothering Winters the most is the prominence which Father Siricio has achieved, especially his appearances with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN. One can almost hear Winters say that if only the orthodox Catholics who watch EWTN learn that Sirico was once a gay-friendly guy, they'll throw him under the bus. Wrong. Orthodox Catholics actually believe in redemption.

Read further...

Listen to the Radio Interview with Randy Engel, authoress of "Rite of Sodomy" and the late Tom Herron.

H/t to Tom at AQ.